Recognize That Other's Are Similar To You Despite Their Job
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Disrespecting Employees In The Service Industry Is Unacceptable

Take a minute to be considerate, not disrespectful.

Disrespecting Employees In The Service Industry Is Unacceptable

Have you ever stopped to ask your waiter how his or her day is going? Or have you ever asked your handyman if he or she has any kids? Have you ever asked your bus driver what his weekend will be consisted of?

Growing up, I have been a witness to those in the service industry being absurdly ridiculed. I have seen newly trained waiters being rudely teased for making small mistakes, humble maintenance workers being spoken down to, and receptionists being yelled at and cursed at for mistakenly setting up a wrong appointment date. And towards the end of every disrespectful situation I have seen, I ponder and question why there's a need for such belittlement and disrespect towards another human being.

I've learned that there is a correlation between gaining superiority and belittling others. As people begin to feel more and more important at their jobs and gain more recognition, a psychological effect happens in which power overwhelms them and all of a sudden, they feel like they are better than everyone else. This overwhelming power misleads them to think that it is okay to diminish others who are not in their professional world, and they fail to realize that they are not more than others at all.

So here is a reality check for those who think this way.

Going to work with a laptop in your hand instead of a mop does not give you the right to verbally harass the janitor. Going to work at a corporate office in the city instead of your local supermarket does not give you the right to ignore or roll your eyes at your cashier. Going to work with a handbag instead of a toolbox does not give you the right to be arrogant and impatient towards your mechanic.

This idea that service industry employees need to be devalued and belittled because they are not in the same economic ranking, or because they are working for you, is ludicrous. A certain job title should not be the reason for why we underrate someone. In fact, I find it interesting how some people with more education and work at high-end jobs act so ignorantly and do not have a noble or decent attitude towards others. What they fail to understand and realize is that no matter the job, the person working in the service industry is just trying to financially succeed, just like you.

Those working in the service industry are human beings, too. This means they have good and bad days, they work long shifts, they tackle different obstacles at work every day, they have a tough boss, and they have dreams and ambitions like you. But most importantly, they are people working honestly and ethically just like you, and they are doing the best that they can.

Life is an ongoing circle that is filled with lessons in return. Do not treat others poorly simply because you "can," or because you are overwhelmed with work, or because you do not care. So next time you give your waiter or waitress attitude for missing something you ordered, or start a fight with your plumber because you think he or she is overcharging you, or not wishing your bus driver a good day, or overworking your assistant just because you get a good laugh at his or her struggle, ask yourself, "is this how I would want to be treated if I were in their shoes?"

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