The 11th Chancellor of UNC-Chapel Hill, Carol Folt is stepping down from her position at the end of January 2019. Chancellor Folt has accomplished amazing things on the UNC campus over her almost 6-year term. Recently, Folt's legacy has been clouded by the Silent Sam controversy on UNC's campus. Folt does not relate her resignation to the controversy but the correlation has been a large point of discussion.

Here are 10 wonderful things about Chancellor Folt that UNC students will never forget.

1. She was the first female chancellor of UNC.

Diversity is widely celebrated at UNC. Let's all take a moment to be proud of the first female chancellor of our beautiful school.

2. She loved her seniors and being a part of the annual Bell Tower Climb.

Chancellor Folt was nothing if not proud of her students. She loved being a part of events such as the annual senior Bell Tower climb and always brought cookies to share.

3. She never minded joking with students.

Chancellor Folt was always the first to work to relate to the students. Her willingness to joke with students and staff is one of the many reasons we love her.

4. She worked to support every school event she could.

There is no better feeling than having the chancellor show up at your fundraiser or event. Her constant support left students with happy hearts and her with a full schedule.

5. She valued the arts.

UNC is a university that values the arts. Chancellor Folt was the first one to jump in when her students wanted to express their love of art on campus.

6. She was passionate about making Carolina green.

From new recycling campaigns to the three zeros initiative on campus, Chancellor Folt wanted UNC to be a school that was constantly working to Go Green.

7. She was always ready to try something new.

Chancellor Folt was fearless. She would stop at nothing to bond with UNC students, even if that means fencing the UNC fencing captain.

8. She appreciated ALL UNC staff.

A university can not run without a strong staff. Chancellor Folt showed her appreciation for all members of UNC faculty every chance she got.

9. She made an effort to get to know all students.

Chancellor Folt always recognized the stress of finals season. In oder to combat this stress, she would pass out pizza in the pit on reading days.

10. She LOVED and still LOVES UNC students.

What marks a better Chancellor than one that admittedly loves every student at their university? Chancellor Folt wouldn't rest until she did all she could for our campus and for that reason, we have a lot to thank her for.

Chancellor Folt did too many great things for UNC to count. No matter how you feel about the Silent Sam debate, don't let those feelings cloud all of the wonderful things Chancellor Folt did for our campus. As we step into a new era, let's reflect on the love, admiration, and appreciation Carol Folt had for all things UNC.