19 New Year's Resolutions For 2019
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19 New Year's Resolutions Ideas For 2019

19. Be more kind


Coming up with resolutions are hard and sticking to those resolutions are even harder. Whether you wanna call home more or start a revolution, most people will fall off the wagon. This is a list of 19 resolutions for 2019 that even the busy, stressed, college student can stick with through the entire year.

1. Get in shape 

Set a goal to exercise 3-4 days a week (or even just 1-2 days) and the fitness will follow.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables

3. Eat less junk food

Start with one food at a time. Maybe eliminate fried foods, cake, or candy first and then continue taking junk away.

4. Drink less soda

Water is best and if you enjoy the carbonation then try sparkling waters.

5. Stop procrastinating 

Plan out your day- every day, and set goals to get your work accomplished in a timely manner.

6. Lower your stress

Pay attention to what your mind and your body is telling you. Find those stressors and eliminate them.

7. Earn more money

Get a job, work more hours, aim for a promotion, etc.

8. Stop being late

Set reminders in your phone and allow yourself enough time to get where you need to go.

9. Spend less time on social media

Try deleting the apps off your phone if you have to.

10. Start journaling 

Set aside time every day to write down some thoughts and ideas or just record what you did through the day.

11. Learn to control your emotions

Ask an outside professional for tips or look for patterns in your journaling and figure out how to change them.

12. Learn to cook

Even just one meal. This can help you to stop eating out as much and eat healthier foods.

13. Start a new hobby

Something relaxing that can help you decompress and have a good time after a long day.

14. Get organized 

Clean out old clothes, throw trash away, and find some cute storage bins to separate everything. Labels are a life saver too.

15. Break and unhealthy habit

Stop drinking, stop smoking, stop juuling, take your pick.

16. Read more

Find some books that you are interested in or are excited about. Ask some friends for some recommendations.

17. Get more sleep

Make sure your days are organized, stop procrastinating, put your phone down, and SLEEP.

18. Make new friends 

Start speaking up in different classes and get to know your peers. They could turn into life long best friends!

19. Be more kind

A simple smile in the hallway or a nice compliment can make someone's day. The kinder you are, the happier you'll feel too!

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