Resisting Rest

Resisting Rest

Emmy Award-winning Short Film.

Andrew Bourne

This short film won the award for the Long Form Fiction category at the High School Production Awards, or Southeast Emmys, an annual event run by NATAS.

"Resisting Rest" tells the story of a workaholic teenager who participates in a scientific experiment to prolong human’s ability to go without sleep. Teenagers often go without several hours of sleep to do their assignments, and this is hurting their quality of life.


Directed and edited by Griffin Larson

Written by Griffin Larson & Andrew Bourne

Starring Caylynn Palmer

Produced and cinematography by Andrew Bourne

Co-Starring Bella Sci and Hannah Collins

Audio Operator Jose Amaro

Assistant Editor Andrew Bourne

Special thanks to David Bourne, Shannon Palmer, Ashley Boyle, The Larson Family, The Palmer Family, The Bourne Family, and Lisa Funderburk

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