Being An RA As Told By 'The Office'

Being a resident assistant is a unique job. You spend a lot of time doing arts and crafts, hosting community events, and trying to connect with people who sometimes really don't want to connect with you. Every day is an adventure.

Here are 11 instances where "The Office" is super relatable to being an RA:

1. Your residents just move in and you try to have small talk with them, but they don't want to talk to you and it gets really awkward.

2. You have your first floor meeting but leave out a piece of important information and can't track down all of your residents to tell them.

3. Finding out your days off for the semester were approved.

4. You gather all of your supplies for your bulletin board, then lose the motivation to make it.

5. Finally making your bulletin board and one of your residents compliments it.

6. Then you have to refer someone and get awkward and forget how to talk.

7. Going to your weekly meeting and not knowing how to answer a question about why your residents act a certain way.

8. Seeing your residents on campus and not knowing if you should say hi or accept they are trying to ignore you.

9. Someone takes down their door tag mid way through the semester but you remember how many hours it took you to make them.

10. Having to console residents but unsure how but you want to be there for them.

11. And the best thing ever when you're an RA: some of your residents come to your community builders willingly and have fun.

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