A Requiem Of Depression

Being broken is a feeling that you cannot imitate. It is something that you will only know how it feels when you experience it. After a traumatic event, it is as if you are what a mirror looks like after getting hit with a bat, shattered. Life almost seems pointless. You even go as far as questioning why you got out of bed in the morning. Daily routines are fairly blurry. Running through the motions day in and day out seems like the only way to get by at this time. Getting enthused by anything just seems close to impossible. Being broken leaves you with a mentality that it will never look up again. You contemplate resorting to solutions that were never even a possibility before. The part that is truly scary is not knowing if the pieces will fall back together again.

Day after day it is a constant battle trying to avoid what feels like jagged knives piercing your heart. Being strong seems impossible. Strength is the last thing that is crossing your mind. Confusingly enough when at your lowest point, you are expected to fix everyone else’s problems. Day after day when you feel essentially numb, bystanders have no idea. It makes absolutely no sense how you are supposed to fix everything and everyone when you are still broken yourself. Picking up your own pieces is quite difficult, but it seems to be the only way to become whole again. Feeling sorry for yourself is probably the worst choice you can make. You are just asking for more heartache within yourself. Pretending that everything is fantastic is extremely difficult, but sadly that is your only option in many circumstances. Usually holding everything in causes lashing out on people you love, which is not fair. Although, it is very understandable as well as relatable. Unfortunately, I am unsure if my advice is accurate because I am still just a cracked mirror.

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