Repeating Titles And Science Lessons

I have been reading books like crazy since beginning my Peace Corps journey. This surprises me but also doesn’t. I have always loved reading but I never really had time to read because of work and school. However, the past several months I figured out that reading really helps to stop my anxiety so here I am having read 25 books since last November. Some of you may be thinking that is not a lot of books, but for someone who read maybe three books a year this is a lot and I am excited to continue reading.

This all leads me to this next article; I was introduced to an author named Nicola Yoon. I was sent her book “Everything, Everything” which I read in about a week. The book was so good that I had to admittedly buy her book, “The Sun is Also a Star” which I also read in a week. Nicola Yoon creates an incredible story that you begin to see inside your head like a movie.

“Everything, Everything” the repeating title. This is a book about an eighteen year old girl named Maddy who has been trapped in her house her entire life because she was too sick to leave. She only ever saw two people, her mom and her nurse Carla… Until Olly moved in next door and the two quickly fell in love. It turned Maddy’s world upside down and she began to realize what she was mission from the world and decided to run away to Hawaii with Olly to see the ocean and be outside for a while. She ended up getting sick and her mom ended up taking her back home. This could have ended so much worse but a few weeks after her trip Maddy got some shocking news. Which if you wanna hear the news you’re gonna need to read the book. If you are not a reader there is also a movie that is pretty good, not as good as the book but it certainly is something to see.

“The Sun is Also a Star” the book that gives random science lessons. This is a book about two strangers who met at a random record store in New York and then proceeded to encounter a number of coincidences that showed they were meant to be together. The only problem is that Natasha and her family was being departed that night. She was spending the day trying to figure out a way to get her family to be able to stay. This left Daniel sad but hopeful that Natasha would find a way to save her family. She got a few things that gave her hope but you’ll have to read the story to find out if her family was able to stay in America or not and to see what happened with her and Daniel.

I highly suggest reading both of these books. You will not expect the twists that happen throughout either of them. Nicola Yoon really knows how to keep her readers on the edge of their seats and always guessing what is going to happen next. I am really hoping she writes another book soon. If y’all check out these books, be sure to let me know what you think.

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