Thank you.

I sit here in my room on a Wenesday afternoon, and I do what I have done many times before; I reminisce of you, Winthrop. You have watered me. The sovereign God of my life has used you to bring me closer to himself, and for that reason, I must honor the experience that I've had with you. I realize now that every step that I took on that campus was for a very distinctive purpose. From the moment that I was dropped off on August 19th, 2016, to the point of my departure on December 12th, 2016, everything that took place there was used in preparation for the future. And so I show my gratitude, not only to you, Winthrop, but to the many souls that reside within you and make up your body. They are the ones that bring about your natural beauty.

If I had to pick out one thing that I've learned from you, I would naturally have to mention the variety of different faces that represent you. The commonality of the diversity present on this campus is the reason why an ordinary conversation between a Russian and Australian native has such a deeper meaning than it's face value. This commonality is the essence of the makeup of a university. Union is the oil that is required to keep the engine of the human race going. Despite of the inconsistencies of man from our natural faults, we must make authentic love the basis to positively affect our individual spheres of influence. Love is the key. This vital lesson is one that I've learned from the very soul of Winthrop, and it is one thing that I must carry into my everyday affairs.

So I must say again to you, Winthrop, Thank you. For every facet that makes you who you are, is the reason why my time with you will never go unappreciated.

Peace and Love,