Things I Want To Remember For Sophomore Year Of College

I wasn't sure what to expect from my first year of college, but it surprisingly was a success. My first two semesters flew by, and it's crazy that one year is already over.

With that being said, there are a couple of things I learned in my freshman year that I want to remember for my next year.

Write Everything Down

This point played a huge role in the success I had in my first year. I always looked ahead in my agenda and prepared accordingly. By having everything laid out in front of me, I was able to see what I had coming up, and avoided procrastination.

Go To The Gym

I always looked forward to going to the gym because it was an hour where I could just listen to music or catch up on my youtube subscriptions without feeling guilty. By watching videos and also exercising, I was able to take a break from studying and feel productive while working out.

Develop A Routine

After just the first week of classes, I had a daily routine that I followed. This really helped in keeping me busy and not procrastinating on assignments. Have a set plan for when I would do homework, go to the gym, and eat really helped me manage my time, and wisely.

Talk To Your Parents At Least Once A Week

During the weekend, I would always try my best to facetime my family for a couple of hours. This helped me stay connected to them since I didn't go home that often during the school year. They help keep me calm and grounded so talking to them every week is vital for me to stay focused on school.


I know I can't function without sleep, so I need to make sure I at least get six hours of rest. Next semester I have eight ams every day of the school week. I know I can make it to them, but I just have to take my sleep schedule more seriously.

Go To Concerts/Listen To Music

Having things to look forward to kept me focused on what I needed to get done by the time that date came along. I went to a variety of concerts during my freshman year, and along with them all being amazing experiences, they helped me take a little break from academics. Listening to music also just helped me stay focused while enjoying my favorite songs.

I'm so grateful for my first year of college, and I can't wait to enjoy summer and then get back to Temple!

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