Remember Who You Do It For

In anything and everything you do, there comes a reason. A reason for the blood, sweat and tears. A reason for the money spent and money earned. This can be applied to anybody, but the athletes are who I am talking to. An athlete can be one of the most selfless and selfish people you will ever meet. Day in and day out, the relentless effort and sacrifice leads up to one moment. That special moment where you are to show out; everybody is watching. When you are caught up in the fast lane of life, there is one step that realigns any athlete: remember who you do it for.

When the sun goes down and you are still at work, remember who you do it for.

When your body begs for a break but your coach asks for a little more, remember who you do it for. When you just fall asleep and your alarm goes off for morning weights, remember who you do it for. When you are the only one in the weight room and you’re tempted to skip a set, remember who you do it for.

There is always a younger set of eyes peering up to your hard work. Inspired and motivated, they want to be just like you. Sleep deprived and lacking in motivation, you must continue to climb the stairs of greatness. Each step gets a little steeper. The burn moves from the calves to the thighs, and then slowly to the heart. It tugs you down and begs you to give up. Some will fall while others will push further. The path to greatness is slow, never constant. People will not remember you for the hours you put in extra or the medals hanging on your bedroom wall. You will be remembered by your attitude, your drive, the focus, and the effort you give sporting the colors of you team. They will remember you for the character you are on and off the floor. Flags might hang in the hallways for a few years, but after then, they are nothing more than an inspiring quilt pattern.

Back home, there is an elderly woman who has cut outs of your newspaper clippings posted on her fridge. A little girl who asks her mom where you have been. There is the man from the store that talks highly of your past performances; and the old classmate that constantly checks your status. Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember who you do it for. An athlete will always be an athlete at heart. They carry the demeanor and the drive into society. Hold fast to your core beliefs, they will take you far. Although the athletic competition may end, society will always be a component worth your effort.
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