10 Things Only Kids Who Had Tamagotchis Remember Doing

1. Clean up after a night full of poops.

Seriously, how does a small animal poop that much in eight hours? (Is it even an animal?)

2. ‎Try desperately to feed it food so it doesn't die.

"*jams FOOD button* Not today, you don't! I don't care if it makes you sick!"

3. ‎Sigh when it dies because you didn't give it enough food.

"I swear I just fed it this morning..."

4. ‎Find another Tamigotchi for yours to *connect* with.

If you've got a friend with a ton of Tamigotchis, the better. Genetic variation, y'know?

5. Remember to hit the pause button during class so you wouldn't accidentally kill it.

That AB combination was weird.

6. ‎Forget to hit the pause button during class and accidentally kill it.

It was either keeping it in your pocket somehow undid the AB combination, or you hit the AC combination instead, shutting it up but not pausing it. RIP.

7. ‎Panic as soon as it got sick.

Getting sick was pretty much a death sentence.

8. ‎Try to move through the teenage stage as fast as you could.

That thing was U G L Y when it was a teenager. Like we all were at some point.

9. ‎Cry when it died.

Rest in peace, (insert name here).

10. ‎Smile at a new generation.

Congratulations, it survived long enough to have a baby! Now don't kill this one.

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