To the Girl Going through Heartbreak
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To the girl who is going through a heartbreak

To the girl who is going through a heartbreak

To you pretty girl...

I know times are hard right now.. I know you are doing everything you can to keep your mind off of this break up. I know you just want to be yourself again without that certain person. It is no longer you and him it is you. You have to make a name for yourself again without him. It does get easier. You will probably think this is insane and think it is impossible right now, but it is not impossible nothing is ever impossible.

There will be many heartbreaks throughout your life and it is going to hurt like hell each time. There will also come a day when the right guy comes along and treats you like the Queen you are! He will genuinely love and care for you. He will show you respect, he will be honest, and he will show you that the other guys who broke your heart did it for a reason because they will never compare to what you have in front of you.

This heartbreak is going to hurt but do not let it take over your whole life. Sit there in his hoodies for a while, look at pictures, listen to "your" song one last time. Think of the good times but think about how most good things must come to an end..

I know losing what seemed like the love of your life wasn't just painful it probably was damaging to your mind and to your heart. It has now given you trust issues.. It has given you doubts about future relationships.

You need to live girl. You need to keep your friends close and eat all the pizza and ice cream you can. Watch those cheesy romance movies with your friends. Go out as often as you can. It HELPS. Your friends are going to be your lifeline through this breakup. They will love you, they will defend you, they will care about you, they'll hug you when needed, they will let you cry and scream when you need to. They are your support system and they will ALWAYS be there in a time of crisis like this. Call them at anytime I am sure they will answer, need advice? Just ask your best friends. Need a hit man? Call your best friend. If it wasn't for them you would probably be lying in your bed wiping tears off your face with his hoodie.

It is OKAY to be upset, it is okay to cry, it is okay to hurt and feel betrayed. It is okay. This boy probably took a lot from you. He could be your first love or your third love. He could be the one who promised he would never hurt you.. That he wasn't like the rest, that he wouldn't cheat on you.. Yet he was probably the one who did most of those things if not all... He was the one you relied on to keep your secrets, to have your back.. He was the one you never thought you would lose... But you did and that is OKAY.

It is okay to be sad over him for a little while... It is okay to sit in his hoodies or his shirts.. it is okay to think about your memories made in the period of time you were together. It is okay to think that he was the one that was going to be your high school sweetheart.. He probably talked about a future with you.. But he hurt you, he ripped your heart right out of your chest.. Whether he did it because there was someone else or because he was just in a place where he felt like it needed to end before things got worse..

Remember Beautiful, you are SO STRONG. You are special. You are Beautiful. You are inspiring and you will not let this stop you from finding yourself again. You will eventually close your eyes when you fall asleep and you will no longer see his eyes.. You will no longer see his smile.. You will no longer want to see him as more than what he is... He will see you thriving.. He will see you so happy.. He will see you looking perfect.. He will regret it eventually.. when he does it will be too late.. You will have moved on.. You will have a healed heart.. You will no longer need him in your life to feel special.. He said forever and always but he didn't mean it.. He see's you are happier with someone else and he hates himself for what he did to you..

I know you see hi in public and he tries to get to you.. He dates girls to hurt you.. He has said things to hurt you.. He is trying to break you.. You try to fight back the tears.. there comes a point where you don't have to fight back those tears anymore.. You have done your crying.. You have moved on and you are now so happy.. and you are probably in your NEW Taylor Swift stages being a total hard ass. It will feel like there is a hole in your chest when you see him at first, you will be shaky and short of breath.. But you will realize everything happened for a reason..

You will laugh at things that you used to laugh at before you met him before you had to experience this hurt.. You can feel yourself getting stronger.. You are getting out of bed now.. You are going out with your friends now.. You are actually fixing your hair.. You are doing your make up.. You are starting over.. You have deleted the conversations and you regretted it after.. But you got stronger because you did it..

After being with someone for so long it is for sure hard to imagine a life without them. You were comfortable and they knew everything about you.. Things started to fall apart.. You are trying to get over everything.. You don't have to wonder what went wrong anymore.. Some mornings you will wake up and realize it is a new day.. There are so many opportunities in the world and you can not miss out on them just because some boy got you down...

He left you wondering if there was someone else he was texting or seeing.. He lied to you about little things.. He said the meanest things to you and did horrible things after your break up... Everything happens for a reason and break ups are apart of life. You have to remove the toxic people and you have to stop worrying about them and who they are seeing and if they're okay.

You might forget each other soon or at least that is what you will hope. You will always love and care for that person.. nothing will ever be the same between you two because he hurt you.. He left you there crying and in so much pain.. and for what? did he bother to check on you.. He was one of those people that you didn't need in your life. God placed that guy there to give you a lesson on how you should be treated.

To you baby girl, You are so beautiful and you need to love yourself first. You need to find happiness in yourself first. Take up new activities that you have always wanted to try but couldn't before. Be the new crazy Taylor Swift and turn on her new album and blare that. Go driving with your friends and sing at the top of your lungs to Before he Cheats.. Take so many pictures make new memories with the most important people in your life.. Have Fun. Be spontaneous, go on adventures.. Go live life.. Find hobbies to get your mind off things... Have girls nights all the time if you have to.. Your friends and family will always have your back.. Even people you never knew would.. they will and you have a while support system behind you.. So chin up pretty.

You are getting stronger every day... You're done wishing and waiting for them to come back through the door and apologize.. You have moved on.. You will be happy again.. You will find true genuine love again.. This person you eventually find in this big world will treat you well.. He will love you unconditionally.. Love is a crazy thing but you have to trust god, trust your heart, and trust the process of life and everything will work out just the way you want it too.

So for now block that boy. Go have the time of your life you are young and crazy. You are in your prime you cannot be upset about this breakup forever. Keep your head up gorgeous because everything will work out for you. You are important, You are funny, You are kind, You are smart, and You have qualities that nobody else does. Embrace everything about yourself because you are unique and you will feel love again and someone will place you on their pedestal one day. But right now enjoy life!

-The girl who has had her heart broken.

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