10 Dating Deal-Breakers That Should Have Made You Leave A Long Time Ago
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10 Dating Deal-Breakers That Should Have Made You Leave A Long Time Ago

When you have that, "Oh, no..." moment in a relationship, it's time to go.

10 Dating Deal-Breakers That Should Have Made You Leave A Long Time Ago

On the hit show "Parks and Rec" Tom Haverford has a list of what he calls "oh no no's," which are essentially red flags in a new relationship. If someone commits an oh no no, it could potentially end the relationship. A few examples of Tom's oh no no's include not caring about the thread count of sheets or never seeing a Paul Walker movie. These are a few of my own relationship oh no no's that I have learned over the years.

1. They don't respect their parents.

If someone is unnecessarily and often rude to their parents it can serve as a negative sign as to how they would treat others who become close to them. No one gets along with their family all of the time, but failing to show respect on a frequent basis is not a good quality in a partner. Personally, I find it comes off as very ungrateful, especially if they behave this way in front of you, their boyfriend or girlfriend.

2. They have a poor work ethic.

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No one wants to play babysitter for the rest of their lives, constantly reminding their partner to get things accomplished. Finding someone with a motivation and drive that matches your own is very important. You don't want to be picking up the slack the rest of your life, constantly cleaning up after them like a little kid.

3. They try to come between your family and friends.

If they repeatedly get jealous when you spend time with your family or friends instead of them, it is a definite red flag. No one should expect you to neglect those important to you for a new relationship. A partner should respect the fact that you have obligations to other people besides them.

4. They cheated on their last partner.

Clearly, you should expect a high possibility of them cheating on you as well. Once a cheater always a cheater.

5. They ask for your phone, email, and social media passwords.

Why date someone you don't trust and who doesn't trust you? Someone who feels it is their right to have this information can keep tabs on you 24/7 disrespects your own right to privacy and signals more trust issues to come in the future.

6. They are rude to waiters/drivers/customer service employees.

Being rude to people who are simply doing their job and trying to make a living shows low character and disrespect. Nothing is more embarrassing than being with someone who causes a scene at a restaurant or other public place. I have spent dates on edge, hoping that the food arrived on time and prepared to my dates satisfaction so they wouldn't have a reason to go off on the waiter. After all, most everyone holds a customer service job at one point or another. Why mistreat someone who is in the same position that you once were.

7. They don't make an effort to get to your family and friends.

Not everyone is super extroverted and enjoys getting to know a bunch of new people. However, at a certain point in a relationship, most people want their partners to become acquainted with the people who matter most to them. If after a long amount of time together your partner has still not agreed to meet your parents or bothered to learn the name of your best friend, it could be a sign that they aren't willing to be committed to the relationship.

8. They are inflexible or always insist things are done their way.

Some people are used to always getting their way, but in a relationship, some sacrifice or compromise is definitely necessary. There should be a balance when it comes to things as simple as choosing where to eat for dinner, or what movie to watch. If someone is never willing to do things your way it could become a problem later on.

9. They don't take no for an answer.

No one likes a pushy person and it's especially not something you want in a relationship. Maybe they are constantly insisting you try something you don't want to do or push you to go out when you have said you're just not in the mood. Though it may seem small at the time, it can show that they won't respect your feelings or boundaries in the future in times when it could be more crucial.

10. They keep you waiting.

Someone who repeatedly cancels plans or keeps you waiting all day, not only shows that they don't value your time but that there are other things that they would rather be doing than spending time with you.

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