Relatable Content Is Terrible
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Relateable Content On The Internet Has Gotten Out Of Control

There's more to internet comedy than just terrible memes.

Relateable Content On The Internet Has Gotten Out Of Control

Have you ever seen an ad for shirts with really specific quotes on them? They normally go something like this; "beautiful women are only born in October with red hair and brown eyes and are named Bethany." I always thought those were just clickbait ads until I assisted a customer who was wearing a shirt just like that.

Relatable content used to be alright; memes about being stressed over school work and relationships. We shared memes like, "that feeling when..." and "you know you're a [insert occupation here] when...", but now it seems like relatable content is scraping the bottom of the barrel. I've recently been seeing posts, specifically on Facebook, that go something like; "I have the most beautiful son in the world, bet most of y'all can't steal this status." I mean, do you see the issue here? Literally, every mother thinks her son is gorgeous. All the original poster wants is for their status to be shared, and people give into it.

I've seen this status a lot, and the topics seem to get weirder. The people who create these statuses will write absolutely anything that applies to most if not all people and then challenges them to share it. These read like an early 2012 meme, and I thought we'd get past that by now.

On top of that, people are still sharing photos of sad-looking animals with the caption, "people tell me I'm ugly, share if you think I'm cute!" What's the point of that? Absolutely no one said the animal in the photo was ugly! If that wasn't enough, people are STILL circulating memes with the iconic "1 like = 1 prayer" caption. I think we've established that liking a status doesn't equal religious points. If you want to pray for something, then do it!

The last thing that drives me absolutely insane is the terrible skits people post to Facebook. I don't know why, but they're normally extremely misogynistic with hints of racism. These skits normally revolve around a girl with a nice butt and all the guys have to gawk at it. Maybe one of them will slap it, it normally depends on the plot, if I could even call it that. Other times it's a skit about cheating or stealing someone's girl. It's a conscious decision on my part not to include one of these videos in this article because I genuinely don't think these awful videos deserve any more views. My point is, they're not funny, and the only Facebook friends of mine that share them are frustrated guys from high school that never really had much luck with the ladies and feel as though these skits speak to them.

With all the great, creative humor out there, it boggles my mind that people on Facebook still resort to memes that were retired six years ago. It wasn't funny then, and it sure isn't funny now. To Facebook users that find this kind of stuff enjoyable, expand your horizons! There are other ways to let your friends know that your son is handsome and that you enjoy looking at the physique of women.

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