Classic College Suitemate Experiences As Told By New Girl
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Student Life

Classic College Suitemate Experiences As Told By New Girl

At least one person is going to a have a breakdown per week.

Classic College Suitemate Experiences As Told By New Girl

So.....I live with 7 other girls. These girls are some of my best friends, and we all thankfully live very well together! Some people think that having college suitemates and a roommate is going to be a pain because you never get alone time.

While that's true (sometimes), living with the people you love spending time with brings joy, laughter, and comfort. I love living in a suite, so here are some relatable moments for all those college students living with multiple people.

1. When you see your suitemates for the first time after the summer break.

2. For the first couple weeks, you give a disclaimer to everything weird you do.

3. But then you just give up and let the weird have freedom.

4. You realize all your suitemates are just as weird as you

5. When your roommates or suitemates look cute for the day

6. When all of you wanna do is spend time alone and listen to your own music on full blast.

7. When it's super late and you're all exhausted from school and you start to share deep, personal facts about yourself.

8. When everyone is all up in everyone else's business, and they find out something juicy.

9. When you accidentally leave clothes on the bathroom floor.

10. When you are all trying to decide who cleans what.

11. At least one person is going to a have a breakdown per week.

12. Also, with 7 girls in the suite, mother nature is visiting at least one girl per week.

13. When someone walks in on you giving yourself a pep talk.


(My Suite Mates)

14. When you and your roommate agree on practically everything and life is good.

15. When you're looking for something in the suite and find something you're not supposed to see.

16. But, all your suitemates are homies and love each other.

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