I Registed For My Final Semester Of College
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My Final Semester Of College Is Upon Me And I Am Terrified

On November 5th, I registered for my final semester of my undergraduate career, and it is very scary.

My Final Semester Of College Is Upon Me And I Am Terrified
Suzanne Quinn

I was creating my schedule last weekend, and I thought that I had a lot of time before actually registering. I looked at my registration appointment at the beginning of Halloween week, and saw that I was registering on November 5th. A week from when I looked. I had a tiny freak out, as the reality of my final semester coming in hot was really overwhelming.

I am taking either 14 or 16 credits in my final semester. It depends on if I ultimately decide to take a dance class or not. I only need 4 hours to graduate: 1 hour of biology elective, and 3 hours for an honors capstone. I'm taking Japanese 101, just because I have the availability in my schedule.

Some people may ask why I'm not just taking the classes I need. Why not just take the 4 credits hours and work? Why didn't I add in an extra class over the last two semesters to give myself a semester without loans?

I chose to do a full four years of school because I'm able to. Thankfully, Loyola gave me a pretty generous scholarship that has been renewed all four years, and my family is able to handle the cost leftover to us. I wanted to be able to experience life, as well as be a student. I wanted to be able to go abroad and to be able to work an on-campus job.

As I reflect on my time at Loyola for undergrad, I think about all of the amazing experiences I've had - some of which wouldn't have been possible had I been overloaded with 18+ credit hours for multiple semesters.

At this point in time, I'm not sure what's next still. I'm registered for my last set of classes as an undergrad, but I'm unsure of where I'll be after that. I want to do service, but I also have no idea where.

I'm excited though. The classes I'm taking both this semester and next are so interesting. I'm so excited about the retreats I'll go on. I'm so excited about the people I'll meet.

I'm also excited for what comes after graduation.

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