Regain Your Creativity
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Regain Your Creativity

Regain Your Creativity
Kiki's Delivery Service, Studio Ghibli, 1989 (Japan)

1. The Struggle

Whether you have writer's block or your brother stepped on your uke while it was hidden under quilts and blankets, you have to owe it all up to the utensils you use to express your creativity. So what do you do? Get creative! Surely enough if you left your window open while the blinds were drawn and your water bottle was open, it would have ended up spilling on your computer. However, there is a thing called a notebook and pens to keep you afloat. Nowadays, we have taken everything for granted whether we rely on technology to store our words or footage, or a studio space to store or art. One way or another, your space, your utensils will be tampered with but that shouldn't stop you from creating, so get creative.

2. Log off of social media: throw stones at the birds, those Insta-lens, and say 'f' you to that blue F.

Never would I have imagined this day and age where I can see what anyone is up to any given time of the day, regardless if it's my friends or another pop icon has passed away and I have to be in the know! Wait, one second -- what about that creative streak you get in the AM or PM? Apps are probably to blame for that block, so turn your phone upside down, go outside and do something with that current event that just rung through the internet. (write a story about it.)

3. Understand that you cannot please everyone, that alone anyone.

A lot of people will come up to me and tell me about their woes with their professors; they didn't like this or that in their work. Well, it could be that you professor, or whoever is able to critique your work wants to push you to emphasize your talent and passion more, or, it could be that they are not optimistic enough to enjoy your work. See, as long as you create, you will always be critiqued, it's basically saying "Do not do drugs" in the creative world. You would roll your eyes to that response because you know! You have to be critiqued but the best thing about being an artist is that you can take and leave any words given to you that you please.

4. Exercise

Being active makes you more interactive, it's just the facts. You are more open in joints, less tension in the knees, shoulders, and neck so your mind has a more clearer vision of what you want to get out in your creative outlet, in fact -- you might just be a dancer and need a longer stretching session to warm your dancing muscles up.

5. Stand with yourself, by yourself and for yourself.

There is no race or competition, no one should ever feel obligated to put their art out there in hopes of conquering their fellow classmates or other artists. Forget about the saying "there will always be someone better than you" and realize that you have the potential just as much as the next artist but it's all within the passion, not the further outcome on where your art or craft will go or end up.

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