Today's Feminism Has Been Hijacked And You Can Count Me Out
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Tomi Lahren Was Right, Today's Feminism Has Been Hijacked And You Can Count Me Out

What used to be a female empowerment movement has now became something disgusting.

Tomi Lahren Was Right, Today's Feminism Has Been Hijacked And You Can Count Me Out

Feminism: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.

Equality. This is the part that has been lost to some.

Yes, I am a young white woman who attends a liberal arts university, surrounded by women such as myself and minorities, so you're probably wondering what my deal is. You're probably thinking, "If you aren't with them, you're against them," or maybe you just don't care about my opinion. However, it is mine, and I'm going to share it anyway.

Feminism isn't what it used to be.

Back in the late 19th and 20th centuries, feminism was inspired by a woman named Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The main goal of the movement was to focus on bashing sexism, earning the right to vote, and overall just getting women what they deserve: equality to the other gender.

"The feminists existing between the years 1848 and 1970 made wonderful and necessary strides for women."

Today, I can't exactly say the same.

The so-called "fourth wave" of feminism that is meant to focus on topics such as sexual harassment, assault, and misogyny has brought a whole new element to the movement: tackiness.

Now, don't get me wrong. Rape is not OK. I shouldn't have to be afraid to go somewhere alone, nobody's attacker should get off free, and yes, I am pro-choice.

The women today have seem to have lost something important: respect. Today's "feminism" rallies focus around women of all ages marching outside of the White House screaming harassments at today's political leaders and men in general at the top of their lungs. Holding up signs with brutal profanities and even going as far as to threaten the life of President Donald Trump.

What happened to being peaceful and self-respecting? What happened to being good role models to the young women who will come after us?

Tomi Lahren stated,

"Modern-day feminists have hijacked the term and have changed it into something that the original feminists would be horrified by, they'd be rolling in their graves if they saw what feminists have done with the movement. It's become less about equal treatment and equal rights and more about special treatment."

She's right. She also said that today's "feminists" have exhibited hypocritical judgment because they have not supported conservative women, specifically high-ranking members of the Trump administration.

This is not equality. This is women fighting against women.

Today's women fighters aren't actually fighting to work hard for what they want in life, they are fighting to bash men and making demands for free stuff, whether they deserve it or not.

To stand outside of a political building holding a sign saying things such as "I'd call Trump a c*nt, but he lacks depth and warmth," "Nasty as I want to be," "Nasty women in training," and even an African American woman holding a sign saying "Don't forget, white women voted for Trump" is not working for equality.

This is disgusting. I am disgusted.

Women are no longer working together, they are fighting against each other, and I just can't get behind that.

Sorry not sorry, but women have a lot of work to do. If they truly do want equality, they have to stop disrespecting themselves, the other gender, other races, and what women fought for long before them. Stop feeling entitled and actually work for what you want in life, instead of yelling gross profanities to try and get it that way.

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