Reflecting On The First Month Of The New Year
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Student Life

Reflecting On The First Month Of The New Year

Did January feel like it lasted forever? Or was it just me?


I don't know about you, but the start of the New Year is always exciting for me. I love how almost everyone sets new goals for themselves. Of course, not every New Year's resolution sticks for some people (myself included). However, now is a great time to see what you have accomplished and to focus on the positives that happened in January. The world has seemed a little chaotic since the beginning of the year, but we can always remain hopeful.

A lot of new and exciting things happened to me in January. First of all, I got to ring in the New Year in the Happiest Place on Earth. No, it wasn't Target. It was Disney World! Woohoo! There were so many people that the park was closed off to any ticket-holders by midday!

Who doesn't love extremely long lines, crying alongside already crying toddlers, and paying twenty dollars for three churros?! I digress. It was fun and I'm grateful that I got to have that once in a lifetime opportunity. However, I doubt I will ever spend New Year's Eve anywhere close to Orlando, Florida. Lesson learned.

A week later I was already heading back to class. I will always have a love-hate relationship with school, but I still felt like I needed to recover from finals. Anyways, I began the usual schedule of trying to find the right amount of sleep and getting assignments done as soon as possible.

If I learned anything from last semester, don't procrastinate. Don't even think about procrastinating. I can't even begin to tell you how horribly my mental health suffered from this. I was constantly stressed because I would wait until the last minute to complete assignments, but still had other obligations I needed to fulfill. I'm quite happy with how productive I've been so far and hope to keep it going.

I have also been prioritizing both my mental health, physical health, and spiritual wellbeing. I believe that all three affect each other and can create some of the biggest impacts of your life. I've realized that when I have a consistent self-care routine I truly feel my best. So, I've started to carry a journal around with me everywhere I go and try to write in it before I go to bed. I find it extremely helpful to jot notes, tasks, thoughts, and goals in. If you do start journaling please remember to stay true to yourself, focus on what works best for you, and do whatever you want with your journal!

I have also been regularly working out and can already tell how much my body benefits from it. I'm in a better mood, noticed that I can fall asleep easier, and enjoy how much stronger I feel. Of course, a healthy diet is also necessary to stay physically fit. I've actually focused on more caloric intake and finding the right balance of foods that work for me.

Lastly, my spiritual life has been lacking in recent months and I've taken up bible journaling again. I love sitting down with my bible, pens, and a cup of green tea to reflect on my life and to be grateful for all that He has done for me.

I know that January has had its ups and downs for many of us. Whether we've lost a friend, loved one, or idol. Perhaps we might have received some bad news that shook us to our core. All we can do is be thankful for where we are, even if we're confused about our place in life, and keep going. So, if you can find the time to reflect on your accomplishments in January then February will be even better!

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