12 Things All Redheads Are Tired Of Hearing

12 Things All Redheads Are Tired Of Hearing

*insert eyeroll here*

As a redhead, I've endured over 20 years of people constantly pointing out the color of my hair as if I had no clue. Not only that, but along with it came nicknames, teasing, and comments that I could happily live without. If you've ever wondered what you should and should not say to redheads, I'll make it easy for you. Here is a list of things we are all TIRED of hearing.

1. "Do the carpets match the drapes?"

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First of all, who are you to ask such a personal (and perverted) question like that? If you're immature enough to ask this then please feel free to go back home to your mom so she can teach you some respect. And if you think this is in any way, shape, or form flirty or funny, you need to reevaluate your approach.

2. "You're a redhead, so you probably have a temper."

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Just like any other person with any other hair color, we each have our own individual personalities and traits. Whether or not I have a temper is not dependent on my hair color.

3. "If you dye your hair, it'll never go back to its natural color!"

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Once again, that's not something that's because of me being a redhead. EVERYONE'S HAIR IS DIFFERENT. Some people, no matter their hair color, dye their hair and their natural color will eventually come back just fine. Others may not be so lucky. But I've known multiple redheads who have dyed their hair and their natural color always came back, just sayin'.

4. Being dubbed with the nickname, "Ginger"

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Stop. Just stop. First of all, I don't even know you. Secondly, it's not original and it's not cute. You're not clever or funny. I promise you that you didn't think of it. I'd prefer to be called by my actual name, please.

Also, only redheads can call other redheads nicknames that refer to us being redheads.

5. "You must be Irish."

Giphy Giphy

Actually, I don't know my ancestry. Like at all. And it's because of people like you assuming that I'm Irish that I never care to find out, either. Also, just an FYI, redheads are not all from Ireland!

6. "Redheads have no soul."

Giphy Giphy

Sorry, didn't realize we were still in the 1700s. Get a new joke please because, once again, you've said nothing I haven't heard before.

7. "Is that your natural hair color?"

Giphy Giphy

Okay, I get it. You're actually curious. Because if it's not natural your next question will probably be, "Who did it?" or "Where did you go to get it done?" But seriously, I'm sick of hearing this one as well. Also, don't touch me or my hair.

8. Assuming all redheads are related.

Giphy Giphy

Newsflash, we're not.

9. "Your kind will be extinct within a century."

Giphy Giphy

So... did you like... get a time traveling machine and go forward in time to find out? Or are you just saying that because one day on Twitter someone else said that and you believe everything you read?

10. "You're SO lucky, red hair is SO pretty!"

Giphy Giphy

Oh, really? You weren't saying that back in elementary school when you bullied me for it. But you're right, I'd rather have my hair than your boring, colorless, hair.

11. "You're so pale, how much sunscreen do you have to use?"

Giphy Giphy

I get it. Ha ha ha, yes I am pale. I use an adequate amount for my skin type, thank you. Not that it's really any of your business, but yes I do indeed take care of my skin.

12. "You look like *any redhead character in any movie or TV show ever*!"

Giphy Giphy

No, I look nothing like them. But thanks anyway. You tried.

There are so many more things I could add to this list, but I feel like you get the idea. Anyways, be nice to your local redhead and please take this list as a helpful piece of advice for interacting with us (PS: it's not that we don't appreciate being constantly complimented, it's just that when you hear something ALL THE TIME, it gets to be annoying).

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10/31 5 Beloved Cereal Mascots And How They Feel About President Trump

Characters on cereal boxes often express surprisingly strong political views.


We live in a divisive political moment. President Donald Trump sits in the White House as we speak, with many around the country considering him a despicable human being while others still support him and his politics. Political social media posts abound in this day and age, as both liberals and conservatives repeat the commonly held views of their party over and over again, somehow thinking that they are actually saying something new or insightful. Both sides are guilty of this.

We hear a lot about how different people feel about Donald Trump, but there is one group that we rarely hear from, so today, I would like to explain how this specific group of individuals feel about our president.

Who are they? You guessed it, cereal mascots.

Cereal mascots do more than just prance around cereal commercials and appear on cereal boxes. They actually have strong political views, all of which are different, and some of which might surprise you. Here are five cereal mascots and the way they feel about Trump.

1. Captain Crunch


Captain Crunch, the hardcore cereal hero responsible for such delicious breakfast options as Cap'n Crunch and Peanut Butter Crunch cereals, was a former military captain before he retired and decided to spend his life as a cereal character. Because of his fierce military background, it probably does not surprise you that he is a hardcore conservative who fully supports President Trump. No matter what Trump does next, he is sure to always have a supporter in the Captain. Cap'n Crunch has even considered building a wall around his home, in an effort to keep other cereal mascots out.

2. Tony the Tiger


Here is another mascot who generally tends to support Trump. Tony the Tiger, the inspiring tiger who loves Frosted Flakes, doesn't quite think that Trump is great, but he does think that the President has done a fairly good job overall. Tony is a conservative, and although he has taken issues with some of Trump's policies, he will probably still vote for him in 2020.

3. Sonny the Cuckoo Bird


Sonny, who has been going Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs for many, many years now, is not nearly as Cuckoo for President Trump as he is about the delicious chocolate cereal that he advertises. As an independent voter, Sonny does not align with any single political party, and as a result the bird has not paid much attention to politics in recent years. This could also be because once Sonny realized that even Cocoa Puffs could no longer satisfy his needs, he started getting into harder and harder drugs until he finally found himself in rehab for drug addiction. Poor Sonny, he probably wont even vote in the next election.

4. Trix Rabbit


A conservative once said to him "silly rabbit, big government is not the answer." As a liberal voter, the Trix Rabbit disagrees with this statement, almost as much as he disagrees with the fact that Trix are for kids. This rabbit has been a critique of Trump's policies from the very beginning, and his opposition has only grown the longer that Trump has been in office. The Trix rabbit favors many liberal policies, and is very unhappy about Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court.

5. Lucky the Leprechaun


As the mascot for Lucky Charms, Lucky the Leprechaun has become a childhood icon, the ultimate symbol of of one of the most beloved cereals around. Here's a secret though, Lucky is in fact a hardcore liberal. Since he hails from the the socially conservative country of Ireland, you may think that he would hold more conservative ideals, however this is not the case. He is actually one of the most liberal cereal mascots around, and you might even find him at various anti-Trump or anti-gun rallies around the country. He believes that conservatives are ruining the cereal industry, just like the kids are after his lucky charms, as can be seen in various Lucky Charms commercials.

These are the deeply held views held by some of your favorite cereal mascots. We all have different political views, and so do the cereal mascots who parade the boxes that contain what we eat every morning for breakfast. However, don't let their politics affect your breakfast choices. Even if you disagree with them politically, you can still eat their cereals.

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