12 Things All Redheads Are Tired Of Hearing

12 Things All Redheads Are Tired Of Hearing

*insert eyeroll here*

As a redhead, I've endured over 20 years of people constantly pointing out the color of my hair as if I had no clue. Not only that, but along with it came nicknames, teasing, and comments that I could happily live without. If you've ever wondered what you should and should not say to redheads, I'll make it easy for you. Here is a list of things we are all TIRED of hearing.

1. "Do the carpets match the drapes?"

Giphy Giphy

First of all, who are you to ask such a personal (and perverted) question like that? If you're immature enough to ask this then please feel free to go back home to your mom so she can teach you some respect. And if you think this is in any way, shape, or form flirty or funny, you need to reevaluate your approach.

2. "You're a redhead, so you probably have a temper."

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Just like any other person with any other hair color, we each have our own individual personalities and traits. Whether or not I have a temper is not dependent on my hair color.

3. "If you dye your hair, it'll never go back to its natural color!"

Giphy Giphy

Once again, that's not something that's because of me being a redhead. EVERYONE'S HAIR IS DIFFERENT. Some people, no matter their hair color, dye their hair and their natural color will eventually come back just fine. Others may not be so lucky. But I've known multiple redheads who have dyed their hair and their natural color always came back, just sayin'.

4. Being dubbed with the nickname, "Ginger"

Giphy Giphy

Stop. Just stop. First of all, I don't even know you. Secondly, it's not original and it's not cute. You're not clever or funny. I promise you that you didn't think of it. I'd prefer to be called by my actual name, please.

Also, only redheads can call other redheads nicknames that refer to us being redheads.

5. "You must be Irish."

Giphy Giphy

Actually, I don't know my ancestry. Like at all. And it's because of people like you assuming that I'm Irish that I never care to find out, either. Also, just an FYI, redheads are not all from Ireland!

6. "Redheads have no soul."

Giphy Giphy

Sorry, didn't realize we were still in the 1700s. Get a new joke please because, once again, you've said nothing I haven't heard before.

7. "Is that your natural hair color?"

Giphy Giphy

Okay, I get it. You're actually curious. Because if it's not natural your next question will probably be, "Who did it?" or "Where did you go to get it done?" But seriously, I'm sick of hearing this one as well. Also, don't touch me or my hair.

8. Assuming all redheads are related.

Giphy Giphy

Newsflash, we're not.

9. "Your kind will be extinct within a century."

Giphy Giphy

So... did you like... get a time traveling machine and go forward in time to find out? Or are you just saying that because one day on Twitter someone else said that and you believe everything you read?

10. "You're SO lucky, red hair is SO pretty!"

Giphy Giphy

Oh, really? You weren't saying that back in elementary school when you bullied me for it. But you're right, I'd rather have my hair than your boring, colorless, hair.

11. "You're so pale, how much sunscreen do you have to use?"

Giphy Giphy

I get it. Ha ha ha, yes I am pale. I use an adequate amount for my skin type, thank you. Not that it's really any of your business, but yes I do indeed take care of my skin.

12. "You look like *any redhead character in any movie or TV show ever*!"

Giphy Giphy

No, I look nothing like them. But thanks anyway. You tried.

There are so many more things I could add to this list, but I feel like you get the idea. Anyways, be nice to your local redhead and please take this list as a helpful piece of advice for interacting with us (PS: it's not that we don't appreciate being constantly complimented, it's just that when you hear something ALL THE TIME, it gets to be annoying).

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Vine/Katie Ryan

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10 Struggles Of Having A Best Friend Of The Opposite Gender

If you've got a best friend of the opposite gender, then welcome to the best place to reminisce over these hardships your relationship has endured.


I have many friendships. But one of the ones I cherish the most is my friendship with my guy best friend. There isn't much to our friendship, just the occasional name-calling and our mutual love for the McDonald's drive-thru, but that's what makes it so special: the simplicity of it all.

If you're like me, a girl with a guy best friend, then you know the constant struggles that arise with keeping these friendships. Honestly, it almost isn't worth the hassle - just kidding, sort of. Here I am today to address all of these issues, letting you know that you aren't alone, there are others out there just like you who have to explain to the waiter that he's gonna need to split that check because we are NOT together.

1. Everyone thinks you are dating

just friends

This is the most prominent issue for all male/female friendships, so let's just cut to the chase: we aren't.

2. Your significant others get very jealous


Every friendship has gone through this - whether it is a platonic male/female friendship or a friendship between those of the same gender. Simply put, being in a situation where your friend's significant other doesn't like or trust you, sucks. It happens, and usually, in the end, one relationship gets the split.

3. They don't understand girl code

harry potter

My guy best friend will never know how astounding it was when Jessica got stingy about who could use her makeup or why it isn't okay for Madison to talk to Claire's ex.

4. We don't eat the same amounts of food


I can't hang out with you for more than two days at a time, because a when a guy eats five meals a day (two of those meals being McDonald's) he loses 3 pounds and when I do it I go up a dress size.

5. Shopping is probably out


I can't seem to figure out why he doesn't like spending hours walking around the mall and bouncing ideas back and forth about what colors make my eyes pop the most. Men are so confusing.

6. Sleepovers are a big no (in high school, at least)


Now that we're in college, sometimes I fall asleep at his dorm or vice versa and it's no big deal. However, back in high school, we weren't exactly having slumber parties and braiding each other's hair.

7. When we're together in public, potential suitors think I'm taken


Since I never get hit on in public, I assume it has to be because I'm always with my male best friend and guys think that we are an item. This has to be why. Case closed.

8. No wardrobe swapping


I buy my sweatshirts in XL and only in grey and black so he actually has worn those before, but that is the exception, not the rule.

9. He doesn't understand why I have to put on makeup


What if my ex is at Target? That's reason enough.

10.  Splitting checks at restaurants is a hassle


We eat out. A lot. And most servers automatically assume that we're on one check. That's fine, really. But we're both paying with a card and my Venmo balance is at zero so now we are at an awkward impasse where I have to explain to you that he's not buying me breakfast. I know, I know, chivalry is dead.

Next to come, all the reasons why having a best friend of the opposite gender is a great experience. If I can manage to come up with more than two reasons...

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