Red Queen Series By Victoria Aveyard

The Red Queen Series By victoria Aveyard Is A Force To be Recokoned With

Ranging from wars to a society divided by color, this series is everything you never knew you needed.


On May 15th, the lustrous author, Victoria Aveyard, released the final installment on the Red Queen Series: War Storm. The book picked up immediately after the final events in King's Cage, the third book in the Red Queen series.


And as a fan of this series, I bought the book on Amazon, wisely using my two-day shipping from my Amazon Prime trial. And let me tell you, I couldn't have done anything better – besides going to a bookstore, but that requires mobilizing and that was a no-no at the time.

Sadly, it took me almost two months to finish this +600-page book. Not because it was boring or anything but because I became a slow reader. I blame UCLA on that one.


The series follows the story of Mare Borrow, a girl from the slums in a world divided by blood color. She's a Red, for her blood is red, which makes her inferior to a Silver, people with Silver blood who posses extraneous abilities. Reds, they take the short end of the stick: being conscripted to a staled war at the age of 18 if they haven't found a job yet, have to submit to the whims of every Silver, and they are considered nothing more but rats.

However, once her best friend is about to be conscripted into this war, she sets out to find the Scarlet Guard, an organization set up to overthrow the Silver reign, only to save her friend. Once upon meeting her, they recruit her and is placed on the castle as a spy – only to find that she, too, possesses an ability of her own.

After this incident, Mare is thrown into a world of crowns and royals, a world where the most innocent ones might have the darkest of secrets. A world in which anyone can betray anyone.


My interest in this series began the year it came out, and it sure did well on the audience. If my mind doesn't lie to me, the book was picked up by Elizabeth Banks to be turned into a film, but there hasn't been any news ever since. (Or I just haven't been that invested into the series as I think I am.)

However, the last series in the book was one that I anticipated the most, wondering how most of the loose ends would tie up in a perfect bow. Most things were solved, but there were open endings to many things. If I'm still not able to be over this series in the next following months, I'll have to begin a career as a fanfic writer only to satisfy my own whims.

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