5 Reasons To Recycle Your Unwanted Clothing

5 Reasons To Recycle Your Unwanted Clothing

Tips and motivation for cleaning out and rejuvenating your closet!

Don't let the perfectly good clothing that you no longer wear go to waste! There are a lot of reasons and lot of resources available that make recycling your old pieces easy, economical, and environmentally friendly.

1. Get organized

Cleaning out my closet is something I typically do biannually; once in the summer and once in the winter. i find that purging the clothes I no longer wear can prove to be cathartic. Instead of opening your closet doors to a mess of overstuffed bins, untidy shelves, clothes falling off of their hangers, or strewn on the floor, removing things you haven't worn in 2-3 months allows you to move your hanging clothes with more ease, and have more visibility of your little inventory. If you really want to go crazy, you can take this as an opportunity to organize by color and garment type.

2. Make some cash

The best perk of recycling your unwanted clothes is getting money back out of them. This works best when you are trying to rid yourself of nicer items that maybe don't fit anymore or don't fall in line with your current style because used clothing stores (like the one I work for) are able to buy brand-name items for a higher price.

Clothing sold at our store is priced at 50-75% off retail, and in-turn we offer around a third of that for each respective item that we want to purchase. We, and most other retail consignment stores, however, don't take everything that is presented to us. We search for on-trend pieces with little wear. If you clean out your closest frequently, it's not hard to find an abundance of items that fit this description.

Take note that selling your clothes to stores like these is most profitable when you have a lot of clothing you no longer want. If you have more time or are focused on getting rid of just a few items, or particularly nice items- for example, a pair of Vans you wore once that hurt your feet, or a designer watch that you got for Christmas that's color your not thrilled about- can sell for more on sites like Poshmark, ThredUp, or even Facebook Marketplace.

3. Do your part for society and the environment

While it's not the most glamorous perk, it is arguably one of the most important benefit of recycling your old clothes. With that being said, DO NOT THROW CLOTHES IN THE GARBAGE.

Even if you are unable to get money for them, many charities exist that rely to clothing donations to provide low-cost, affordable clothing for low-income families, or to generate money for other charitable acts.

Now brace yourself for this statistic, but Newsweek estimates that the US alone sends around 14 million tons of textiles to landfills each year. To put that into perspective, that's around 82 pounds of clothing per American. By passing our clothing along, we can keep from increasing those numbers.

4. Look cute for less

While it's important to recycle your clothes, buying recycled clothing is just as beneficial. In doing so, you promote businesses that facilitate this process and discourage the overproduction of textiles by clothing corporations.

Plus, it's great for your wallet! As previously mentioned, consignment stores price like-new clothing for half or more than half of what it's priced in other retail stores. Shopping secondhand can also help you cultivate a more one of a kind look, due to the vast variety of styles that are sold in one location.

5. Discourage slave labor

Another crucial factor in deciding to recycle your clothes or shop secondhand is that it means there is one less customer to stores that exploit employees overseas by paying them very small amounts of money to work long hours in poor conditions.

When you buy cheaper clothing straight from its source, you are more likely to be supporting a company that does, in fact, use these labor tactics. When you buy cheap clothing for a secondhand store, instead, you are a small, but significant step in breaking the cycle.

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Sexism In The Makeup Industry Has Got To Go

It's twenty-eighteen, y'all, and dudes can do makeup too.


Go into just about any beauty store, and you will find a visibly uncomfortable-looking guy hesitantly following his girlfriend around the stacks of foundation and matte lipsticks. Heck, walk into your local Walmart and you can find dudes pointedly steering away from the makeup isles. You would think Maybelline and Cover Girl carried the plague, not affordable makeup lines.

Here's the thing:

Wearing foundation on your skin doesn't make you a male or a female.

Your chromosomes determine that.

Enjoying applying makeup isn't a one-gender-fits-all sort of situation.

Gender is made up anyway, so there goes that excuse.

Finding pleasure in having clean, clear skin, taking care of your body, and using "beauty" products doesn't decide who or what you are.

You do.

The makeup industry is one of the most women-driven fields out there, but that really is not something to celebrate. Girls dominate the makeup industry because guys aren't "allowed" to partake in the art that truly is makeup (they are called makeup artists for a reason). There are a lot of reasons for this, and none of them are good for men, women, nonbinary individuals, or other gender non-conforming people.

Society hyper-feminizes makeup.

Men make fun of men who like makeup.

People consider makeup to be misleading, to be put on as a show for others' entertainment.

Really, makeup is about making yourself happy, about putting the things you feel inside and showcasing them for the world. It is for making yourself feel good, for creating a living piece of art on your face or body. Makeup takes skill and practice, hours of refining and finesse. It is an expressive art.

Not being a femme woman does not mean your makeup interests should be policed. If you think makeup is cool, do makeup. If you don't like makeup, don't do makeup.

It really is as simple as that.

The thing about this constant battle of who is allowed to do makeup and in what context or for whom that bothers me most, is by doing this, we are preventing incredibly talented individuals from rising to the top in the industry.

Take the makeup artist in the cover image for this very article as an example. Manny is arguably one of the most talented makeup artists of this generation. His YouTube following is made up of over five million subscribers, and his Instagram also has surpassed the 5M followers mark. Not only is Manny incredibly skilled with a brush and makeup palette, but he is charming, witty, compassionate, and entertaining. His newly released makeup line, Lunar Beauty, is a testament to his legacy as an MUA.

Think. Dream. Create. This is how Lunar Beauty finds inspiration to create a world filled with life and color. By blending Manny's passion and experience, we have concocted cosmetics and designed apparel that both men and women will love.

Manny is not the only guy out there slaying the makeup game, and people like him are slowly breaking down the sexist barrier in the makeup industry.

Makeup is all about self-expression. Nobody should get to pick and choose who is allowed to participate.

If you are a gal and you feel threatened by a guy's wickedly sharp cut-crease, grow up and open up your mind. Complement him. Support him. Ask him for tips.

If you are a guy and some pigmented powder threatens your masculinity, go sniff some beef jerky and you'll be fine. Just because your fragile sense of self is easily deconstructed, it does not mean everyone else needs to follow suit.

Let people enjoy the harmless things they enjoy.

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