5 Reasons To Recycle Your Unwanted Clothing

5 Reasons To Recycle Your Unwanted Clothing

Tips and motivation for cleaning out and rejuvenating your closet!

Don't let the perfectly good clothing that you no longer wear go to waste! There are a lot of reasons and lot of resources available that make recycling your old pieces easy, economical, and environmentally friendly.

1. Get organized

Cleaning out my closet is something I typically do biannually; once in the summer and once in the winter. i find that purging the clothes I no longer wear can prove to be cathartic. Instead of opening your closet doors to a mess of overstuffed bins, untidy shelves, clothes falling off of their hangers, or strewn on the floor, removing things you haven't worn in 2-3 months allows you to move your hanging clothes with more ease, and have more visibility of your little inventory. If you really want to go crazy, you can take this as an opportunity to organize by color and garment type.

2. Make some cash

The best perk of recycling your unwanted clothes is getting money back out of them. This works best when you are trying to rid yourself of nicer items that maybe don't fit anymore or don't fall in line with your current style because used clothing stores (like the one I work for) are able to buy brand-name items for a higher price.

Clothing sold at our store is priced at 50-75% off retail, and in-turn we offer around a third of that for each respective item that we want to purchase. We, and most other retail consignment stores, however, don't take everything that is presented to us. We search for on-trend pieces with little wear. If you clean out your closest frequently, it's not hard to find an abundance of items that fit this description.

Take note that selling your clothes to stores like these is most profitable when you have a lot of clothing you no longer want. If you have more time or are focused on getting rid of just a few items, or particularly nice items- for example, a pair of Vans you wore once that hurt your feet, or a designer watch that you got for Christmas that's color your not thrilled about- can sell for more on sites like Poshmark, ThredUp, or even Facebook Marketplace.

3. Do your part for society and the environment

While it's not the most glamorous perk, it is arguably one of the most important benefit of recycling your old clothes. With that being said, DO NOT THROW CLOTHES IN THE GARBAGE.

Even if you are unable to get money for them, many charities exist that rely to clothing donations to provide low-cost, affordable clothing for low-income families, or to generate money for other charitable acts.

Now brace yourself for this statistic, but Newsweek estimates that the US alone sends around 14 million tons of textiles to landfills each year. To put that into perspective, that's around 82 pounds of clothing per American. By passing our clothing along, we can keep from increasing those numbers.

4. Look cute for less

While it's important to recycle your clothes, buying recycled clothing is just as beneficial. In doing so, you promote businesses that facilitate this process and discourage the overproduction of textiles by clothing corporations.

Plus, it's great for your wallet! As previously mentioned, consignment stores price like-new clothing for half or more than half of what it's priced in other retail stores. Shopping secondhand can also help you cultivate a more one of a kind look, due to the vast variety of styles that are sold in one location.

5. Discourage slave labor

Another crucial factor in deciding to recycle your clothes or shop secondhand is that it means there is one less customer to stores that exploit employees overseas by paying them very small amounts of money to work long hours in poor conditions.

When you buy cheaper clothing straight from its source, you are more likely to be supporting a company that does, in fact, use these labor tactics. When you buy cheap clothing for a secondhand store, instead, you are a small, but significant step in breaking the cycle.

Cover Image Credit: Fibre2fashion

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4 Easy Ways To Clean Out Your Closet

Out with the old and in with the new!

Being a lover of fashion and wanting to try out new trends means that I have to clean out my closet in order to make room for new fashion pieces. If you're like me and need some ways to get rid of your old clothing, this article is for you! Here are a few approaches to getting rid of your old clothing and making some money while doing so!

1. Poshmark

Poshmark is a free app that you can download to sell old clothing items you want to get rid of. What is great about the Poshmark app is that not only are you getting rid of old things that you do not want, but you are also making a profit from it! It is a super easy app to use. All you have to do is list an item you want to sell and fill out required fields such as a description of the item, the size, the brand, category the item falls under, etc. Then you wait for someone to purchase your item. When an item is sold, you will be emailed a shipping label, and then you box up the item and send it to the buyer! Once the buyer accepts the purchase, you will get paid and be able to redeem your money at any time in the app through a check request or a bank direct deposit. It is a great app for all ages if you are looking to clean out your closet and make a little bit of money at the same time!

2. Consignment Shops

Consignment shops are another good place to sell your unwanted clothing. Bring your old clothing items to your local consignment shop and ask what they are willing to take. The only downside to consignment shops are that they are really picky with what they accept to sell at their store. Sometimes these shops will only take a few of your items or even none at all. But it is always good to try and see if they want to take some of your items. Plus, once they decide that they want to take your clothes, they will give you some money in return!

3. Goodwill

Goodwill is another great option for getting rid of clothing that you do not want. The best thing about Goodwill is that they will take everything out of your hands. Unfortunately, you will not get any money for it, but it is a good feeling to get rid of old unwanted clothing items out of your closet and know that someone else will have the chance to appreciate your items!

4. Give Back Box

If you're not willing to drive to a Goodwill to donate your items, you can have them shipped instead! The Give Back Box allows you to pack up your unwanted belongings and have them shipped to a charity of your choice. All you have to do is go to the Give Back Box's website, print out your shipping label and put it on your boxed items to be shipped. It is super easy and you know that your items are going to a great cause!

I hope that these different options helped you find a way to clean out your closet!

Cover Image Credit: Lily Like

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15 Pairs Of Shoes That Belong In The Ugly Shoe Closet Of Fame

Comfort ain’t always pretty, y’all.

Bare with me here, I know what you’re about to see will disgust you and you will say “ew” for every single one, but you’ll probably end up laughing because you’ll realize that the joke is on you, pal. Growing up, we can honestly say we had the worst taste in shoes. From when our parents dressed us as just little babies leading to present day, we have experienced some pretty bad shoe style.

And I mean BAD. Not badass. B.A.D.

C’mon. Don’t lie, you know you’ve owned at least 5 of these. And if I’m being completely honest, I have several of these in my closet to this day. Plus, I bet there are many more to come! Comfort ain’t always pretty, y’all. So here you have it, The Ugly Shoe Closet of Fame.

1. Moccasins

Okay, so they’re comfy. But seriously? These look like slippers, so maybe contain yourself to wearing them solely around your house.

2. Air Maxes

We all owned these throughout our middle school days, but it wasn’t for the purpose that you usually would buy sneakers for. We got these so we’d be tall. Just admit it.

3. Sperrys

Comfy, smelly, and ever so gross looking. These were our go to shoes to wear with that trend of a sweatshirt with yoga pants. And just about every frat boy owns them.

4. Gladiators

They began as just strappy shoes on the feet, but then they inched up the leg to your knee. The style only lasted a summer, but let’s be real, you felt hot af when you wore them.

5. Chacos

Meant for hiking but have been your go to sorority and adventure shoe ever since you got them. In the summer, you even have tried to get the straps to be tan lines on your feet. How attractive.

6. Ugg Boots

Okay y’all, not going to lie. These are incredibly comfy. But if you wear them nowadays, you still look like that middle school girl or that freshman in high school. You felt like a wealthy child when you wore these, and if you had the sparkly ones, everyone gave you crap, but they secretly wanted to be you.

7. Crocs

Unbearable to look at for some, but extremely comfortable for others. You owned a pair of these in elementary school, probably ones that were tie dye or very vibrant, and that strap definitely came in handy came recess time. Those who own them to this day, get a load of crap every time they wear them, but they are proud of their Crocs.

8. Clogs

These are not to be confused with the sandals that are very in right now. Their time has not come. The clogs have made it to the Closet of Fame, and for very good reason. Think of all the pain they caused when your foot accidentally slid back and you stepped on the heel of the shoe. That was terrible.

9. Platform Boots

I’ve never really understood why these were a thing, but some people really did rock them. Mostly short people. Which is why they needed a platform.

10. Saddle Shoes

None other than shoes that look like tap dance shoes. Glad I was never an owner of these. They should get their own spot in the closet… called unbearably no bueno.

11. Hiking Boots

We get it. If you hike, you need these. But seriously. Don’t wear them outside of that element. They just are not cute ok?! And they probably have mud and gross outdoor things on them that you should not track inside. Stay outside and wear them with the bears.

12. Timberlands

Yeah, I’m just gonna give these a hard pass… into the closet. Never have I ever considered owning a pair of these. And if you are an owner, wear them for yard work because that’s what they look like. Yard work shoes. Not the type of shoe to spend a ton of money on and wear once for that specific outfit. No thanks.

13. Sketcher Sneakers

You bet your bottom dollar we all owned these in elementary school. These shoes made us fast, and we have lost our speed due to the fact that they have retired into the closet. Where they should stay. We should just learn that running fast has to do with ourselves not shoes.

14. Mary Janes

Oh, the name. So similar to something that is completely not related to them. These were the shoes our parents dressed us in though. Ugly as hell and a typical little girl shoe, these have got to go. Forever. Bye.

15. Puma Sneakers

Yet another shoe that if you owned these in elementary school, you were cool. They had to have the logo on there though. If they didn’t, were they really Pumas? And were you really cool?

Cover Image Credit: Lucky Otters Haven

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