Poetry On Odyssey: Sadly I Woke Up Like This
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Poetry on Odyssey: Sadly I woke up like this

Oodles of blankets, warm drinks & a desire to feel better tomorrow.

Poetry on Odyssey: Sadly I woke up like this

Wake up in the middle of the night shivering

I do not want to admit it but I can feel the cold coming

I scurry in search of blankets and warmer clothes to keep me warm.

I try falling back asleep knowing I may feel worse by morning

Sore throat, uncontrollable sneezing and an aching body

Sadly I woke up like this.

Slowly I roll out of bed aware of how unproductive this day will be

I cannot even begin to fathom how anything will get done

All I know is I want a bed, hot tea and endless amount of pillows.

Bundled up I make my way to the kitchen

Taking out some honey, lemons and warming up water

Nothing like hot lemonade to make you feel better.

It's time to see how much I can get done

My to-do list tempts as I try crossing things out

I get some homework done, laundry is next

Each time never wavering from a lack of energy.

Checking things of here and there but it's not the same

Hoping for more solutions I make some soup

It only lasts a while but I try to keep going with my day

Getting as much as I can get done.

The day is finally coming to its end

Having exhausted all my options I take medication

In hopes that maybe that will do the trick.

Finally night falls, it's all I've wanted since waking up

I am bundle up in the coziest sleepwear, pull out a new tissue box

And prepare for bed, hoping tomorrow I'll feel a little better

Sadly I woke up like this.

But let's hope tomorrow I do not wake up like this.

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