Why The Recounts Were So Historic
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The 2018 Recount In Florida And Georgia Created History

The recount in Florida and Georgia made headlines everywhere, why?

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Is it the year 2000 again? No, it's the historic 2018. In this iconic year, we have gone through so much in politics. Specifically, on the east coast. More specifically, in our very own Florida and in our neighbor to the North, Georgia.

First Florida

In Florida, this midterm election became national news. Why it was so historic can be referenced in one of my past articles. This article though specifies in the recount.

What's a recount?

A recount is when the votes are too close to call and need to be recounted. In Florida law requires an automatic recount if the difference in an electoral content is less than 0.5%. The big winners of this 2018 Florida midterm were Rick Scott (R) for Senate and Ron Desantis (R) for governor. These men ran a strong race against their democratic opponents, Bill Nelson (D) and Andrew Gillum (D).

In all honesty, the Democratic candidates were the progressive candidates. The candidates on the other side of the spectrum. A lot of people who wanted to distance away from the Trump administration or turn the state blue were disappointed in the results.

However, this loss was not a loss just yet. Bill Nelson and Rick Scott only had a 0.5% difference. This requires an automatic recount.

For Andrew Gillum and Ron Desantis, this meant a recount for them as well. Andrew Gillum, however, did concede, but once a recount is in place and then the candidate can un-concede.

So think about this, Election Day is on November 6th, 2018. Results came in that night and because of the close call, a recount was in order. Up until Sunday, November 18th, 2018, results were finally coming in.

Where were these results coming from?

In South Florida, (Broward, Miami-Dade County) machines were having trouble taking ballots, ballots were running out, and lines lasting up to five hours at polling locations.

Wait, who won?

The recount took about a week's time. Before a final tally was counted, it was so close that both democratic candidates running for Senate and governor conceded, meaning they stepped down.

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Ron Desantis and Rick Scott will be in office for Florida.

Governor of Florida, Ron Desantis (R)@RonDesantisFL on Twitter

Now Georgia

Brian Kemp was victorious in the gubernatorial race for Georgia.

Brian Kemp ran a strong nationally covered race with the Democratic opponent, Stacey Abrams.

Stacey Abrams received lots of press her campaign. Oprah Winfrey sponsored her campaigned and canvassed with her. YES, I said, Oprah Winfrey. Like Oprah Winfrey showed up at civilians doors representing Stacey Abrams. How could her campaign not make national coverage??

The recount was called for Georgia as well because of how close the race was. Stacey Abrams ended up conceding. Again, like Florida, the Republican candidate Brain Kemp came out as the winner.

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Voter Suppression

Stacey Abrams along with Andrew Gillum made it very clear to voters that your vote matters. Voter suppression is real. It was shown in this election. It's specifically saying in Georgia and South Florida that voter suppression is real. Such diverse communities having trouble voting. It's odd. Nothing is confirmed about this theory but major advocacy is being presented online and in the news about voter suppression.

@staceyabrams on Twitter

@staceyabrams on Twitter

All in all, A lot of people in these states were disappointed with the results or were absolutely thrilled. Georgia and Florida are alike in the way where it's very divided. You have the supporters of the Trump administration or you want to get far away from the administration as possible and turn the state into something progressive. No matter what election, midterm or presidential, these states are always going to have exciting races because of the divided populations.

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