Why this 2018 midterm election was historic
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This 2018 Midterm Election Was Historic For America And Florida

Florida along with the nation made 2018 a historic year with this 2018 midterm election.

CBS This Morning

This election was an incredibly historic one. The race was the most expensive election in Florida's history. There was a record turnout in these 2018 midterm elections. The first African American was elected as a candidate. An entire county had postponed ballots come in. Lines to vote lasted up to five hours. Once the results came in, the Senate candidates had a .50 difference that qualifies as an automatic recount. Before the recount, both the Senate and gubernatorial winners made Florida an entire red state, something that hasn't happened in a while. The Democratic gubernatorial candidate conceded but now might redeem a win.

This election has been nothing but exciting and eventful. With the relationship that the Republican candidates for Senate and governor both have with Trump, people are really choosing sides.

Election Day was Tuesday, November 6th. The candidates that were mentioned for every county in Florida were in the positions for Senate, governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, agricultural commissioner, U.S. house (different each county), and chief financial officer, and many other smaller positions for counties.

The main components of this 2018 election were senator and governor.

Bill Nelson has been Florida's senator for quite some time. Rick Scott, the former governor of Florida, decided to face Bill Nelson in this epic race for Senate. Rick Scott (Republican) won the election on Tuesday with a .5% difference. When there is a difference that small, an automatic recount is placed. After the recount, Scott is still in the lead but Nelson is gaining more and more votes.


For governor, Andrew Gillum and Ron Desantis were the candidates. Andrew Gillum is the first black nominee for Florida's governor from either party. Andrew Gillum was very liberal and had a lot of support in this race from people who wanted something far different than the Trump administration. Ron Desantis had a lot of support from people who are more conservative and stand by the Trump administration. Ron Desantis (Republican) won the gubernatorial race on Tuesday, November 6th. There was a 1% difference between the two candidates. Before the final count was tallied, Andrew Gillum conceded. His speech included how proud he was of his race and everyone apart of it, and that he won't stop fighting. But, because of the small difference, a recount has been made. Andrew took back his concession and a recount is being made. Ron Desantis is still ahead but Andrew has gained many votes.

Ron Desantis victory speech Source: Ron Desantis on Facebook

Andrew Gillum on recounts Source: Andrew Gillum on Facebook

In Broward County, machines were down and ballots were running out. This recount was extremely necessary because of how many votes from South Florida that were not counted. After Tuesday, November 6th, it became necessary that if you had a provisional ballot or an absentee ballot, you need to call your supervisor of elections office and make sure it counted.

Ballots being recounted Source: CBS THIS MORNING NEWS SEGMENT

This midterm election is still going on even after election day. Florida and a few other states are still wondering what happened. Who's our senator? Who is our governor?

Now the amendments that won will change Florida forever. Amendment 4 won successful restoring 1 million votes to felons with a nonviolent crime. Votes that can be counted in 2020 in the Presidential election. Amendment 13 banned greyhound racing, ending 12 of the 17 existing greyhound tracks in America. Vaping was banned indoors, nearshore oil drilling was prohibited, and many more.

On the bright side for America, this midterm election was the highest voter turnout this country has ever seen. It almost became a trend to just go out and vote and post on social media your "I Voted" sticker. If that is what it takes for someone to vote, then let the trend continue.

History has been made in America. Over 100 women have been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. A record number of women of color are set to serve in Congress, 34 in the house and four in the Senate.

Abby Finkenaurer & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are the youngest women elected to Congress. Sharice Davids & Deb Haaland are the first Native America women elected to Congress. Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib are the first Muslim women elected to Congress. Jared Polis in Colorado is the first openly gay governor. The Democrats took back the house.

This midterm election was absolutely iconic.

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