8 Reasons Leaving Western New York is the Worst
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8 Reasons Leaving Western New York is the Worst

Why west is best, at least when it comes to New York State.

8 Reasons Leaving Western New York is the Worst
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Growing up and living in Western New York is an experience that molds the way you think about many things, from sports and language to weather. Between the food and the culture there is a sense of community that I have never felt anywhere else. However, when moving away to college, I discovered that many things are different outside of this special part of the state. This list could go on and on, but here are eight things you may notice most when leaving glorious Western New York:

1. Outside of WNY, chicken wings are called Buffalo wings and it's just not the same

When you leave Western New York, you leave behind good wings. Whether you favor Duff's or Anchor Bar, or maybe even your own local place, those wings will always be the best. Anything breaded or boneless and dipped in ranch are not real wings and they never will be.

2. Other people don't know how to deal with snow

In Western New York, snow is as common as disappointed Bills fans. Every year around the same time, both are found on the streets. Driving in the snow is a skill that is seems all WNYers are born with, but if you travel outside of the area or, dare I say, the state, you will find that people just don't have this innate ability. In some places schools are closed and the plows come out because of a few inches.

3. If you're not from Buffalo or Rochester, you probably have to describe the location of your town in a complex way

Everyone from upstate New York has undergone the "Oh you're from New York City?" reaction at least a few times in their lives. Similarly once you leave Western New York (even within the rest of the state), people will have a very hard time figuring out where exactly you are from. Personally, I tend to use both distance from major cities and from other states. However, it can get a bit tiresome saying: "It's a little town about an hour and a half south of Buffalo by the Pennsylvania border in the corner of the state by Ohio."

4. You are judged for being a Bills fan

In Western New York, it is expected that you will love and cherish the Bills, no matter how bad the season is going (and how bad every season before that has been). There is a sense of community in the love of a bad team. We've learned to celebrate when they win AND lose because otherwise it wouldn't be any fun. There's even a documentary honoring our FOUR straight Super Bowl losses. Enter Giants' territory (or the dreaded Patriots'), though, and you will be laughed at and mocked for your dedication.

5. You have an accent and not everyone likes it

Affectionately known as Buffalonian English, the people of WNY have a specific way of speaking. With a love of the flat-A that makes Amherst sound like "Aymherst" and the hard-A that changes box to "backs" and pot to "pat," you know a fellow Western New Yorker when you hear one. When you leave the area, people will probably comment on it, and not always in a good way.

6. You also have a fairly distinct vocabulary that no one seems to understand

In other places, there will be confusion when you ask for a "pop." Soda is the most common word for that sweet, carbonated drink in the Eastern US. The same goes for "suckers" (lollipops) and "sneakers" (tennis shoes). Don't worry though, when you come back to WNY, we will always understand.

7. A lot of people haven't seen Niagara Falls

Most people who live in Western New York have seen the Falls at least once. When some of the most beautiful, natural waterfalls in the US (and Canada) are basically in your backyard, its hard not to. However, as hard as it is to believe, not everyone has seen them or even knows what they are.

8. Finding your favorite regional food outside of WNY is nearly impossible

In the rest of the east coast, they favor Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks instead of Tim Hortons. Try finding a Zweigle's White Hot for lunch and beef on weck for dinner. Or maybe you prefer salt potatoes and Chivetta's chicken. Outside of Western New York, if you say you love a garbage plate, people will think you're insane. Here, though, we have our own food culture you won't find anywhere else. Why would you ever want to leave?

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