15 Reasons You Must Attend One Direction's OTRA Tour
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15 Reasons You Must Attend One Direction's OTRA Tour

Because we all know you don't actually hate One Direction, you're just bitter.

15 Reasons You Must Attend One Direction's OTRA Tour

As quite possibly the biggest One Direction fan on the planet, it’s safe to say I died, went to heaven and was resurrected from the dead after attending the On The Road Again Tour (OTRA) this past week. Many tears were shed, many laughs were heard and many voices were lost. I’m sure most fans can attest to this feeling, but I’d like to show the One Direction haters what they’re missing.

Here are 15 things that make the OTRA tour the best tour of the summer (Sorry, Taylor Swift):

1. The guys.
Let’s be honest, even if you hate One Direction, you know they’re hot. These four majestic angels take the stage and you can’t help but squeal with delight. They are literally little unicorns prancing in a field of flowers while gracing fans with sweet vocals. If you’re still lost, here is a quick briefing about what you must know about these fellas (which also count as reasons to go because they’re great):

2. Harry:

The rock star. Often compared to Mick Jagger. He has a full-blown Tarzan mane right now, and it's marvelous.

3. Liam:

Daddy Direction (take that nickname any way you please). He can hit notes high and low. Also loves to shake his hips in a way that gets the crowd very excited. Many fans genuinely think that Liam is their dad.

4. Louis:

Actually a dad. Well, soon to be one. Quite a bit calmer than the others, but he slays his solos. Essentially the main reason "No Control" became an instant tour hit.

5. Niall:

I will probably refer to him as an Irish Prince a lot throughout this article, and that’s because he is one. This little lad from Ireland loves to dance, mention his songwriting with a band called McFly and play his guitar.

6. The opening credits.

Finally, opening credits you don't want to miss. These credits get better with every tour. These credits feature little snippets of all of One Direction's hit songs and images of the boys looking dapper, as always. Many, many sobs were heard around me as these credits rolled.

7. The fireworks.

I'm sorry, Fourth of July. Nothing can beat On The Road Again fireworks. They come in at the absolute best times and light up the boys faces.

8. Many critics like to say that the boys can’t dance. Although this is true, seeing them try to dance makes it that much more entertaining.

During the show, you can frequently spot pelvic thrusting, fist pumping and a lot of galloping up and down the stage from Mr. Styles. Not to mention there’s Irish dancing involved later in the show, but that’s a whole different point. Long story short, their choreography is very intense.

9. Their stage presence is contagious.

No matter where you’re sitting in the 70,000 plus stadium, you will always be involved. First of all, the stage is huge. The lads are often out of breath after running from the main stage, down the catwalk, to the smaller stage in the middle of the stadium floor. “We see you at the top. We see you in the back. And we, certainly, see you on the floor.”


Zayn, Schmayn, am I right? (If you didn’t know Zayn left the band, please stop reading this article). Although Zayn leaving the band shattered my heart into a million pieces and concerned my roommates a lot more than it should have, the remaining four band members have shined. That "You And I" high note? Liam has it covered. Zayn’s extremely sexual verse in "No Control"? The Irish Prince Niall's got it.

11. The posters

If you need a good laugh, attend a One Direction concert. It's incredible how creative people can be these days.

12. They sing you love songs.

You may be one of the few millions of girls in love with Niall Horan, but in the moment you genuinely believe he’s singing you a love song. “All I can do is say that these arms were made for holding you ...” #Romantic

13. Their fan interaction.

Just a few days ago, Mr. Styles literally grabbed freshly baked cookies out of the audience. He then proceeded to take the cookies and give the fan her Tupperware back, like a good gentleman should. They are constantly saying hello, dumping water on fans, and many times, they make fun of your dance moves. It’s remarkable.

14. Their ability to have fun.

They honestly do not care, even a little bit, if they make fools out of themselves.

15. Contrary to popular belief, One Direction’s music has matured alongside the musicians.

Their lyrics have progressed from “Baby, you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed,” to, “Lost my senses, I’m defenseless. Her perfume's holding me ransom. Sweet and sour, heart devoured, lying here I count the hours.” The money and the time spent is worth it to see these artists express themselves through their lyrics and to hear the passion in their voices. They were great with Zayn, but they’re even better without him. So, take that, One Direction haters. *Happily skips away from you.*

I could have given you a play-by-play of their concert, but you’re just going to have to go to a show to find out what you’re missing.

A Directioner

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