6 Reasons Why You Should Love The Rain

6 Reasons Why You Should Love The Rain

It's the little things in life.

In my opinion, rain is the most underrated weather that there is. People frequently say, "oh I hate the rain," when it's brought up in conversation but just taking a quick step back to look at the good qualities that rain has can really help change someone's perspective. There are such positives concepts that are attributed to rain, and although storms can be destructive or dangerous sometimes that's not exactly the type of rain I'm talking about. You know, the kind of rain that you see on the forecast when the sky is really grey and you have nothing really planned for the day so you spend it inside doing things you may not have done if it wasn't raining. I mean, do you really hate rain? Or do you just hate getting wet? There's a difference.

1. Rain symbolizes life.

We literally need it to live, if that's not a good reason to love rain then i'm not quite sure what is.

2. It's soothing.

Whether or not you like storms is a different question, but I'm talking about the soft pitter patter of rain on the roof- that's the best. Don't try to tell me it's not.

3. The smell after.

There's something fresh and cleansing about the smell of the air after it rains.

4. Kissing in it.

Kissing in any other weather does not compare to kissing in the rain. Ask Nicholas Sparks.

5. Jumping in puddles.

Throw on some rain boots and get to work- nothing describes childhood more than jumping in a few puddles.

6. Sleeping during it.

Rain is the most comforting and repetitive sound while you're sleeping. There is nothing quite like it and if you're someone that has trouble falling asleep at night, if you download a soundtrack of rain or natural noises on your phone and listen to it, that really can help.

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10 Things I Wish Animal Rights People Knew About The Livestock Industry

Get educated.

So last week, I wrote an open letter to PETA, calling them out on their lack of salvation for the animals burned by the recent wildfires. I received a lot of attention for this article, both good and bad.

In reading the comments posted in response by animal right's activists, I discovered some things that just didn't add up. Amidst the insults and hypocrisy, there were just some downright stupid assumptions that these people see as facts. It's not their fault, they're just uneducated, so I feel we as an industry should try to get some truth out there.

So, here are 10 things I wish animal right's supporters knew about the livestock industry:

1. A 20-25 year life expectancy for cows is not realistic.

Just because some cow somewhere lived to be 25 does not mean that they would live that long without the agriculture industry. Most cows used for beef production live to be about 13-15 years old and die of natural causes. In sandy environments, cows live around 5-9 years because the sand degrades their teeth to the point that they cannot eat.

2. Livestock would mate and reproduce each year without the help of humans.

I kinda thought it was common knowledge that most species cycle monthly when they reach sexual maturity. When females cycle, they do their best to get bred. There's no forcing going on there. If they were left in the wild, they would still mate and reproduce causing inbreeding.

SEE ALSO: Don't Buy That Coverup: Boycott Animal Testing

3. Farmers and Ranchers are not just upset at the loss of profit from these fires.

I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I read this, and then the second, and eighth. Farmers and ranchers are not only upset about the loss of profit, which is devastating, but also upset to see their animals suffer. Have you ever had to put something out of its misery? Watch a cow writhe around sluffing its charred flesh off, hear it wheeze, and watch a rancher put a bullet in its head out of pity, and I guarantee the sadness in that rancher's heart isn't about money.

4. All "momma cows" are not dairy cows.

There are hundreds of breeds of cattle out there. Some breeds have certain traits that are suited for different parts of production agriculture. Not every momma cow is milked by hand daily and her milk sold.

5. All dairy calves are not ripped from their mother and slaughtered moments after birth.

I don't know much about the dairy industry, but since it is up and running obviously there has to be live calves to grow into cows and bulls.

6. Beef cattle are not raised in closed quarters.

The operations that raise beef cattle from birth are called cow/calf operations. These cattle roam over large pastures and fields most of their lives.

7. Sheep are sheared for their own good.

I cannot count how many pictures I have seen posted by animal rights organizations of mutilated sheep. That's gross and unless someone is a complete dunce with a razor, that never happens. Sheep will overheat with a full coat, or become matted to the point he/or he cannot move.

8. There is not enough cropland to sustain everybody in the world.

Oh man, okay so as Animal Rights Activists you guys want us to let all the cows, horses, sheep, goats, and pigs roam at their own free will. You think we can all live off veggie-tales reruns and rainbows but that is not so. If all animals are roaming free, they have to eat too. So they need space, and the crops humans eat need space. IT WON'T WORK.

9. It's not all about the money.

Lol, yeah right. Have you worked in agriculture? The bank owns our asses.

10. It's not gonna happen.

You can go on your crusades, you can martyr yourselves. It's not gonna work. Meat will always be a necessity.

But mostly PETA people, get educated!

Cover Image Credit: Straight

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3 Lessons We Can Learn From The Trees

Her naked body was as bare as a skeleton covered with deeply furrowed barks that were cold as crocodile’s back.

It was in the middle of March at my new apartment. A tall sugar maple tree stood on my back porch. Her naked body was as bare as a skeleton covered with deeply furrowed barks that were cold as crocodile’s back. Every furrow in her trunk resembled the wrinkle of an old woman, that carried stories of wisdom. The fallen leaves that were piled at the bottom once belonged to her. It was the Mother Nature, that took her beauty away and left her with the snapping branches and twigs. However, when I looked at her, she stood tall and calm. She seemed to shed her leaves without any hesitation, to give up everything she once possessed and to become something that the Mother Nature had forced upon her.

Throughout the winter, she was dormant with almost no changes in her physical appearance. I woke up every morning to see the same wrinkled face. The sun shone brightly after a period of rainfall. However, she still didn’t show any sign of changing. At one point it felt like she will never gain back her strength and beauty. I could not even imagine how beautiful she looked because I had never seen her before in all her glory.

Early one morning in the middle of April, I woke up to an unexpected sweet surprise. The old and wrinkled tree had transformed herself into a majestic tree who graciously attired in spectacular fluorescent red-orange leaves. The long and wide leaves with four palmate lobes were full of life and beauty. Those glorious colored soft leaves transmitted the sweet smell of maple that would enthrall the minds of all the passersby. She still stood tall and calm.

This beautiful experience taught me three things:

1: Stand tall and make right choices

It is true that everyone goes through different phases and circumstances over their lifetime. While some are good, others are hard to endure. The indifferent universe frequently throws us unexpected curveball just to remind us that we are not special. Everybody has to the pass the test of life.

Our life sails afloat in conditions that we have never experienced before. Like the captain of the ship, we are challenged by the turbulent sea, bad weather, and the vessel itself. Not all situations of life are in our control. However, we will always have a choice to either react or respond to these circumstances.

Therefore, if we choose to stand tall and make right choices even in the face of difficulty, we can surpass hard times and grow ourselves to become the person that we were meant to be.

2: The true beauty is reflected through hard work and patience

It is human nature that we always expect the best for ourselves. Since we are driven only by expectations, anything out of our expectations makes us sad and bring misery to our lives.

But, if we forget the virtue of patience and hard work in difficult times, unlike the tree during the cold winter, we will never know our potential.

It is important to realize that the same ugly looking tree had the potential within herself to be beautiful. She explored it through hard work and patience. Even when I did not see any changes in her appearance, she was constantly working on herself to bring about the change.

3: Attachment with detachment can bring us peace

The leaves were once the part of a tree, yet the tree could easily detach itself from the leaves. The tree knew the perfect sense of balance between the level of attachment with detachment.

The society today is materialistically so absorbed that nobody wants to give up anything. We feel entitled to possessions and materials so much that any sense of insecurity overwhelms us with sorrow and anxiety.

We must learn to let go, and happily give up. Living a life of little less caring attitude could make it more meaningful and beautiful.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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