6 Reasons Why You Should Love The Rain

6 Reasons Why You Should Love The Rain

It's the little things in life.

In my opinion, rain is the most underrated weather that there is. People frequently say, "oh I hate the rain," when it's brought up in conversation but just taking a quick step back to look at the good qualities that rain has can really help change someone's perspective. There are such positives concepts that are attributed to rain, and although storms can be destructive or dangerous sometimes that's not exactly the type of rain I'm talking about. You know, the kind of rain that you see on the forecast when the sky is really grey and you have nothing really planned for the day so you spend it inside doing things you may not have done if it wasn't raining. I mean, do you really hate rain? Or do you just hate getting wet? There's a difference.

1. Rain symbolizes life.

We literally need it to live, if that's not a good reason to love rain then i'm not quite sure what is.

2. It's soothing.

Whether or not you like storms is a different question, but I'm talking about the soft pitter patter of rain on the roof- that's the best. Don't try to tell me it's not.

3. The smell after.

There's something fresh and cleansing about the smell of the air after it rains.

4. Kissing in it.

Kissing in any other weather does not compare to kissing in the rain. Ask Nicholas Sparks.

5. Jumping in puddles.

Throw on some rain boots and get to work- nothing describes childhood more than jumping in a few puddles.

6. Sleeping during it.

Rain is the most comforting and repetitive sound while you're sleeping. There is nothing quite like it and if you're someone that has trouble falling asleep at night, if you download a soundtrack of rain or natural noises on your phone and listen to it, that really can help.

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Open Your Eyes, Animals Are Gay, Too

So are animals brainwashed, as well?

Gaycism | gay + racism | noun

Intense fear or hatred of homosexuality

Homosexual sex, relations, and love are exhibited through prehistoric times, the era of the Greeks and Romans, and Victorian England. However, human beings aren't the only known gay creatures. Animals, ranging from lions, dolphins, monkeys, penguins, giraffes, bison, warthogs, lizards, elephants, hyenas, and other species can also be gay. You know why? Because being born gay has to do with biological origin—genes.

Don't believe me? Believe the scientific evidence, unless you're against science, as well.

Scientists have claimed that "homosexual behavior... is not only common, it's the norm." Although these cases were once seen as anomalies, these relations have been observed for decades, and Bruce Bagemihl's "Biological Exuberance," brought to light how common homosexuality is within the animal kingdom. Gay behavior is exhibited in approximately "10% of prevailing species throughout the world."

So many animals participate in homosexual relations as they seek for pleasure: "sexual intercourse, courtship, emotional bonds, partnership, and even child-rearing behavior." Even more noteworthy is the benefit, specifically as an "evolutionary mechanism," these behaviors are and how they are advantageous to the animal kingdom. Ergo, although homosexual relations seems to be "evolutionary paradox," natural animals continue to express these behaviors, which strengthen bonds between creatures.

So, why can't humans do so, as well?

The fluid sexuality of animals include us humans—another natural species. Additionally, don't argue that humans are more developed beings than other animals and, thus, are not categorized with animals. Please, we are mammals—a specific type of animal—and being gay is not "purely a cognitive trait of human beings."

Shockingly, I've had a generating conversation with one of my peers about the gay community, what it means to be gay, and the reasons behind one's sexual orientation. I was horrified by the individual's words. Although I know I can't change people's opinions, I hope to help show the world the innate behavior homosexuality is: No, the gay parades, flags, and glitter are not brainwashing humans. Instead, sexuality—heterosexuality, homosexuality, and the in-betweens of the spectrum—are quite simply naturally embedded in our DNA.

In our world filled with hatred, there is no room for gaycism. Animals aren't homophobic, so are the more complex of the animals—humans—filled with such fear?

Cover Image Credit: queer_crystal on Instagram

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Everything You Need To Know About The US Virgin Islands Post Hurricane Season

My first visit back to Americas Paradise since the devastating hurricane season

For those that may not know, the USVI, along with other Caribbean islands, were hit with not one but two category five hurricanes. Hurricane Irma devastated these islands, leaving families without homes and jobs. As less than two weeks later, Maria came through. The aftermath of these were absolutely horrible.

Visiting these islands post hurricane season was very eye-opening. A beautiful place I was once lucky enough to call home. I did not know what to expect when I got off the plane. I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. The way the community on these islands came together was truly something special. The island overlooks the blue waters, however, now the blue tarp roofs are in place all over the island. They are temporary fixes but it was devastating to see how many houses were severely damaged by this natural disaster. Lives will forever be changed for these families in Americas Paradise.

There were many healthy changes I have noticed since the last time I was in the islands. Paper and metal straws have been a huge change and it really helps save the sea turtles and other aquatic animals in our backyard. This simple change is a great step in the right direction. This is another great way to save the planet in a small way that will one day make a difference. I always noticed that many people are bringing their own reusable ceramic cups to save on the plastic waste. A few popular brands down there are Corkcicle, Mizu and Ocra tumblers. Most bars and restaurants are selling these now! I adore mine from The Longboard in Saint John! It is crazy how one person can make sure a difference in the environments and sustainability standpoints.

For my morning coffee and tea drinkers some local coffee shops and cafes give a small discount for those who bring in their own coffee mugs! This is a great way to receive a discount on your morning cup of joe and help with the environment!

Seeing these changes first hand, really seem to making a big impact on everyone who is living in the Virgin Islands. This is a community who have really come together during this hard time, rather than pull apart. This devastating hurricane left people without homes, water and food, however, some restaurants made sure their community was fed. Giving away meals every day until people were able to get back on their feet again. It has been a long road to recovery but this community is coming back stronger than ever! Keep these tiny islands in mind, and come visit every once in a while! It is Americas Paradise after all!


Cover Image Credit: Brittani Marceno

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