10 Reasons Why Moving Is The Worst
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10 Reasons Why Moving Is The Worst

Word of advice: Always hire movers.

10 Reasons Why Moving Is The Worst

I have moved every year for the last six summers of my life. It has kind of become a ritual of picking up and moving every year, but after this last move. I can easily say I do not want to move again for a while. Then I proceeded to realize nobody has really commented on the fact that moving is one of the worst processes. It's definitely up there with childbirth and root canals. For the following reasons I will lay out why moving is the worst.

1. Packing up all of your possessions into bins and boxes.

You start to realize how much of a hoarder you are as a person, and let me tell you it is not a pretty sight. You end up opening bins and realizing you are looking at stuff from years ago that you really aren't sure why you were holding onto it. You need to have a practiced hand at Tetris, because you have X amount of bins and need to fit all of your possessions into these bins. It's one of those times where you wish you had a magic wand and could wave it.

2. That moment you run out of bins/boxes.

You want to start to cry, because you are finally on a packing roll. When you look around and realize you have no more bins or boxes to put things in. That means you have to run to Lowe's or Home Depot or Target and buy more of these things that virtually are going to be thrown away. There goes that roll you were on and now it looks like there are little bombs that went off in your room.

3. When you realize you have boxes you didn't open from the last time you moved.

Honestly the ecard above explains that issue.


Make sure you label the boxes, because you will not remember what is in them even if you only packed them 24 hours ago. It will also eliminate a million and one "where do these go?" questions.

5. Packing up the truck.

Having to pack the truck to move everything to the new place is a task in itself. You need to decide whether or not to rent the truck yourself or hire movers to do all the work. Trying to figure out a game plan for how you want to pack the truck so that it comes out in a strategic, orderly fashion. It never ends up happening that way.

6. Actually moving everything.

When you have to move everything to the new place you have to find some friends and family who are willing to help. You need to make sure you have everything strapped in and down and the necessary stuff to do that. And if you are moving out of state it might be one of the longest drive of your life. At this point you aren't above asking one crazy friend to do what's happening in the above mentioned picture.

7. Moving in.

It's painful. There are stairs. So. Many. Stairs. You are regretting how many things you own and you are trying to catch your breath as you come down to move the next box. This is the part where you are ready to kill yourself or keel over from lack of oxygen. It's the longest and most arduous part of moving.

8. Unpacking

This is the part where you actually get some relief. You start putting things away, and if you are as OCD as some of us you need to do that part on your own. You know where things go and you don't want to have to tell people where things go. You just want to do it yourself. I've learned this is the part where you break out the alcohol and order the pizza while your helpers eat and drink you can put things where you want them without interruption.

9. Settling in.

The best and only good part is when you are all done and finally get to enjoy your new place. You get to know your roommates or enjoy living on your own for the first time. You order from the first menu you receive and start to make those memories.

10. In the end...

Hire movers. It will save you time, energy, and maybe not money, but it's worth it. Or better yet find a place you never want to leave and stay there for all eternity.

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