April showers bring May flowers...

and pollen

and finals

and summer internship applications,

and the list goes on.

This time of year is the epitome of stress. Not only are college students frantically preparing for the end of the year, but everything outside of school seems to be set at fast-forward as well. Here are 6 reasons why I spend all of spring wishing it over with.

1. My respiratory system shuts completely off


From about end of March, until beginning of May, I become a mouth-breather who goes through nearly a roll of toilet paper a day. Meanwhile I draw uncomfortable stares from all of my classmates when I sneeze back-to-back during the most important part of the lecture. Don't ask if you see me walking around campus wearing an allergen-induced surgical mask.

2. I cannot make time for anyone.


Whether I am filling out an application for an organization position, studying for midterms and starting to prep for finals, or coordinating my work schedule, this time of the semester feels like it's going at about 90 in a 50, and there's no slowing down. The worst part is, there's no one around me to ease the tension because all of my closest friends are just as stressed as I am.

3. The weather is a toss-up


Who knows what Mother Nature is gonna throw our way. There may be 85 degree weather that forces me to pull out shorts and sandals, that turns into a tornado warning by 3 pm that very same day. If there's one thing I have learned in college it's to always carry my umbrella and rain coat during second semester.

4. Laundry, Laundry, Laundry


And due to Reason #3, I have so much more laundry when I am changing clothes two or three times a day because of humidity and torrential downpours.

5. Seniors graduate


As the year comes to a close, you brace yourself for saying goodbye to a class of individuals who were some of the people that welcomed you into college as a freshman. Additionally, you realize that you're one semester closer to being in that position yourself. This equates to adulthood, which realistically, no one is every ready for.

6. No Christmas AND no Birthday


Need I say more? No gifts is no fun.