1. Oversharing


Aight, I seriously do not know why, but every Valentine's Day it seems like couples are lowkey having a competition to see who's the best and most popular power couple. I guess it's fine for couples to share their love, but come on... Y'all have 364 other days of the year to post a pic with your counterpart, why would you want to become part of Valentine's spam on social media? I bet you will not even hit your like target solely because there are so many other pictures to compete with. Plus, we all know that even people in relationships get kind of annoyed of seeing social media full of pictures of that sort for this very reason (oversharing).

2. Too many pictures & annoying filters

In relationships, there is always one who loves to take THE perfect picture on Valentine's Day to either share it or keep it for themselves. These people, who desperately want that perfect pic, will literally do ANYTHING to get it. They might try going up Mount Everest to get a perfect view, they might force you to go to Paris so you can get a totally natural (*overacted*) picture of both of y'all kissing at the top of the Eiffel Tower; or they may take you to Central Park so you get a beautiful picture looking over the nice little pond.

Unfortunately, the obvious catch about getting this perfect pic is that it can take billions of attempts to get it. And when you do finally get it, that same picture-obsessed person in the relationship will edit it so they look good and you don't.

3. Everywhere is crowded.

The struggle is REAL. Going out on Valentine's nowadays is actually kinda hard. Making a reservation for dinner at a nice restaurant can be a truly chaotic task. Getting tickets for the movies or live shows can also be very difficult, heck, even making long lines to buy gifts is also kind of a pain.

This is why a lot of couples end up just staying put, eating some delivery food, and chilling.

4. Single people avoid people in a relationship. 

Don't know why, but for some reason all of your single friends suddenly decide to ignore you on this day. Well, I actually know why. It's probably because you are in a relationship and they think you're having a blast with your counterpart.

In turn, your single friend/s just rather let you be while they stay at home crying, eating ice cream and watching "P.S. I Love You".

5. Too much PDA

Whether you are in a relationship or not, PDA is honestly not cool and on Valentine's people decide to engage on full make-out sessions in public spaces. If you pay attention, it is actually insane how much this happens. You seriously won't be able to take five steps without seeing someone doing this.

The saddest part is that nobody can do or say anything about it. Valentine's is literally the only day in which couples can fearlessly make out anywhere they please without having anybody telling them not to. And to be completely honest, it is kind of annoying because I feel like people overly abuse of this "power".

6. Overspending

You might have not thought about this before, but doing "cute" things on Valentine's for your better half like going out, getting gifts or anything of that sort, can actually be little heavy on your pocket depending on what you decide on doing.

I mean, it is definitely a good expenditure to make because making a good gesture for your beloved in this day is always nice. But still, I bet you can't deny you wish it didn't have to be like that sometimes.

7. Everybody shoots their shot and you might be a victim. 

It may or may have not happened to you, but if you are in a relationship, just think for a second how awkward this could be.

Imagine you are going out for lunch break at your job and you go to your nearest coffee shop to get a bagel and some coffee. Suddenly, a total random sits down at your table and tries to start a conversation and you already know where it's going. Consequently, after being a little cutting they either get offended and leave or they desperately ask you to give them your number. Then you tell them you have a significant other and they either not believe you, or they do but they still don't care, and from there it just gets worse.

Even though this has never actually happened to me, man, I surely don't ever want to be in that spot. Just imagining how awkward and uncomfortable that would be made me cringe when I was writing this.

8. Valentine's is the perfect day in which something can go wrong. 

Think about it. There are so many things that can go wrong that day and because it is Valentine's Day, its severity multiplies x100. You might get really late for dinner, you maybe forgot to get something for your couple or your beloved might have gotten pissed at you because you couldn't get to see him or her because of how busy you were with work.

I promise I am not trying to jinx your Valentine's Day, I was merely pointing these things out so you could prepare ahead to not screw up when the actual day comes around. So if you read this, try to not screw up, and may you have a happy Valentine's Day!