6 Reasons To Start Binge Watching 'The Office' Now

If you're anyone who has a pulse, you'll know that The Office is probably one of the greatest shows that was ever made. As someone that who is a huge fan of Steve Carell, i.e. 40-Year-Old Virgin and Get Smart, I'd recommend you start immediately if you haven't already indulged in how amazing this show is.

See here are only SOME of the amazing reasons that you need to start being obsessed with this show.

1. Michael Scott

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As I said before, Steve Carell is an actor unlike any other and he must be treated as such. I'm hard-pressed to believe that he is the exact same way in real life as he is on the show, and no one can convince me otherwise.

2. Dwight and Jim's Ongoing Battle

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I personally wish that I worked in an office just so I can come up with the hilarious things that Jim likes to do to Dwight. Do I have the patience for most of the things, like wrapping his desk in wrapping paper? If I actually knew anyone like Dwight, I would 100% go for it.

3. Creed

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Now, I know what you're thinking. Not many people would consider Creed to be one of the main funny characters, but if you think about it in a non-almost-not-really-but-very-close serial-killer kind of way. If you need someone in the office to make you constantly feel uncomfortable but to pretty much have no idea what's going on half the time, Creed is your guy.

4. Darryl's Appearances

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Darrell most certainly isn't considered a main character, but every single episode that he is in, his part is hilarious. His nonchalant attitude that is very much like Stanley's but in a different sort of way just commands the screen. There's no one you can depend on more to be less impressed with something that Michael is doing than Darrell and that correlation is so funny.

5. Andy Bernard

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If his love for Cornell wasn't the most interesting part of him, it was usually his cluelessness. I'm a little biased because I also loved the Hangover as well, but you can't deny that Andy is great. His way of calling Jim "Tuna," his seemingly easy of getting over Angela even after he found out what she was doing with Dwight, and his amazing bowties.

6. The Fire Drill Opening


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This one needs no introduction so just enjoy.

I would be super basic and add Jim and Pam's relationship to this list, but that goes without saying so I'll just keep my bitterness to myself and watch the fire drill over and over again.

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