It's no secret that over the past few years, the crowds at Disney World have become increasingly larger and with that comes the undesirable waiting in the longest lines on the planet and a negative look at the parks itself. People have begun to think that maybe a trip to the "happiest place on earth" is no longer happy and comes with stress and large amounts of money lost. Well I want to show you why Disney world is still worth that money and time. Don't believe me, well here is five reasons why!

1. The parks are always changing and growing

Every time I have gone to Disney World there is always something new to see and do. Disney World is always adding and renovating to continue making the experience better and better for all who come. Currently, Disney is in the process of creating a Star Wars themed land and a Star Wars-themed hotel. In recent years, they have also added Pandora, the world of avatar, at the Animal Kingdom, and Toy Story land at Hollywood Studios. Even if you have visited Disney World in the past, visiting now would come with new experiences than before.

 2. Disney's ahead of its time technology

Again, it is no secret that Disney World rides have always been ahead of the curve than the rest of the world. Disney was the first to create animatronics back in the day but now Disney has taken these rides steps further into the world of virtual reality. Well yes, the world already has been introduced to virtual reality for years now but the idea was not already new to Disney when it comes to immersing their guests into the worlds of Disney.

In the past, Disney has dabbled in VR with rides such as "Star Tours," which is a ride designed to feel like your flying through space in a space ship. And other rides such as "Soarin' Around the World," which are designed like a hang gliding flight through the worlds most memorable places. Disney has had these rides for years, but with the opening of Pandora, the world of Avatar, at the Animal Kingdom, Disney showed us just how far their VR imaginations and capability could go. Avatars "Flight of Passage" ride is a virtual reality experience designed to make you feel like your actually flying on a banshee through the world of Pandora. As you're immersed in this world, the experience makes you feel like your really riding on a live animal as you feel the sensation of going up and down through the sky. No words can truly describe the feeling on this ride, you will just have to experience the ride for yourself!

3. More affordable plans

Over the past couple of years, Disney has made attending their parks more affordable by creating package deals and easier ways to pay in order to accommodate more people. Disney has created dining plan services rather than paying for meals as you go. These dining plan services include two snacks for every day you have a park ticket, one counter service lunch and a sit-down dinner every night. Disney has also created value resorts for a cheaper option than their moderate or deluxe resorts. Having stayed in a resort on all three levels of price, the value resorts are themed and has good quality as the moderate or deluxe resorts. Disney has also made it easier to pay for their vacation by having payment plans in order for you to pay for your trip over a period of time rather than have all the money at once.

4. See the world at Epcot

Epcot was designed by Walt Disney as a park to showcase the future, and with that was the World Showcase which allowed people to see major landmarks and culture of major cities through eleven different countries. The different countries presented at Epcot currently are Canada, Great Britain, France, Morocco, Japan, China, Mexico, Italy, United States, Norway and Germany. In each country you can experience the food and culture of that country. Disney recruits people from each country to come and work in the restaurants and shops in order to make the experience as authentic as possible. Nothing can beat a real trip to any of these countries but Disney works hard to at least try and make your experience as real as possible and for a lot less.

5. Skip the line by getting a fast pass

While I can continue to talk about how amazing and more affordable Disney World has become, nothing can change your mind from the fact that you have to wait in countless amounts of lines because of the overwhelming amount of people. Well, Disney has created a Fast Pass system that allows you to skip the line all together! Pick a time and a ride online and your good to go! A Fast Pass can be an extra charge but the amount of time you won't be wasting in line you will be able to enjoy more of what Disney World has to offer!

While Disney World has become more populated over the past couple of years, it has also continued to improve and grow in order to keep the experience always a good one. From new rides to easier ways to organize your vacation, Disney World has continued to be worthwhile!