Reasons to take a year off after undergrad.

Undergrad: Check. Now what? Grad school? Starting my career? How about a gap year off to figure out what exactly is going on. After much thought, a gap year is what I've decided on, and here's why:

1. To make sure that I know what I want to do


I'm not trying to waste money and time preparing for a career that I won't end up liking.

2. To gain work experience and see what elements I like (and don't like)


Taking the time to compare and contrast work environments and different types of jobs will be good in determining exactly what career path I want and what I want out of a career.

3. To make money


When I do go back to school, it isn't going to be cheap. Saving up now will help me to pay for it.

4. To get a break from school


I love school, but it is all that I've known for 18 years of my life. I want to see what not studying all the time looks like.

5. To learn practical skills


Being in the real world will teach me new, valuable skills I can take with me to grad school and beyond.

6. To explore my city more

Getting to know my college town while not in college will be a different experience and I'm excited to see what all I'll learn this year.

I don't know what this next year will hold, but I'm excited to sidestep school for a year and explore what else adulthood has to offer.

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