12 Reasons I Write For Odyssey, On The Eve Of My 100th Article
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12 Reasons I Write For Odyssey, On The Eve Of My 100th Article

Pinch me! There's no way I've already written 99 articles.

12 Reasons I Write For Odyssey, On The Eve Of My 100th Article

I still can't believe these last two years have gone by so quickly since I started writing for Odyssey. I chose to do so after reaching out to a friend at another university who was an editor to ask her about her experience and the process behind it all. What she told me sold me on the idea of becoming an Odyssey content creator.

Today, on the day of my 100th article, I'm feeling reflective about my time so far. There are 12 core reasons why I continue to write Odyssey articles, and yes, I'm breaking out Friends gifs because it's still my favorite show.

1. Writing keeps me accountable

I have tried countless times to set deadlines for my personal projects like creating and maintaining a blog, but it never works out.

2. I enjoy the creativity of the platform

I enjoy not having to write about one specific topic, but being able to write about topics that are interesting to me and with which I resonate.

3. Odyssey has helped me become more accountable in every day life

The accountability that goes along with being a content creator has trickled into other aspects of my life, too and has improved my time-management skills.

4. It helps my brain stay active

Luckily, writing hasn't made me go crazy, like Ross.

I like writing and I keep doing it to keep my brain thinking and processing information.

5. I'm always searching for topics to write about

Which means I've become much more perceptive of the news and I am more ambitious to keep up-to-date in case a topic arises that I'm interested in writing about further or from my perspective.

6. I've learned a lot about myself

The whole process of choosing resonating topics has influenced me in a personal way too, and I have grown comfortable with challenging myself to write about uncomfortable topics.

7. Some of my articles have also served as writing samples for job applications

This has been the biggest perk of writing for Odyssey.

8. Writing has kept me sane in the most insane times of my life

While there have been times that I've needed extensions, especially now that I'm in grad school, but the escape of writing has always helped me quiet the hectic times in my life.

9. I get to be reflective and put my thoughts into words

Much like Ross did with his music. Some of my articles have been more personal, but they've helped me process a lot of things in life.

10. I get to write about my experiences and personal opinions

The only platform that is similar to Odyssey is a personal blog or Tumblr, because the material is not meant to be digested in a single Facebook or Instagram post. I enjoy writing about personal experiences and opinions to provide my take on an issue. This also helps me research and formulate a strong argument for discussions.

11. The community aspect of it makes Odyssey more fun than blogging

Although I will eventually have a blog at some point in addition to Odyssey, I value the community aspect of it and I think it's what makes the platform unique.

12. I am constantly learning

Researching topics keeps me up-to-date on issues and teaches me things I would otherwise never have known about.

Here's to another two years and beyond, Odyssey.

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