Delco, I Love Ya!
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Delco, I Love Ya!

Words cannot describe this wonderful place.

Delco, I Love Ya!

Delaware County, Pennsylvania, commonly referred to as "Delco," holds a special place in the hearts of all who live here. Located just minutes outside of Philadelphia, there really aren't any words that can describe this place or do it any justice. SNL did a great job of depicting the typical people you would find from Delco, so please watch the video below if you're confused about this wonderful county to which I'm referring.

If you're still confused after that, here's Urban Dictionary's definition of Delco.

So, after hearing some of my friends' stories about trying to explain Delco to their college friends, I decided to come up with a quick little description of my own, with a phrase for each letter of the word.

Delco is:

Driving to your local Wawa 5 times a day.

Everyone knows of one another, and everyone runs into each other at the Jersey Shore in the summer.

Llanerch Diner: Delco's "claim to fame" because Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence ate there in the movie Silver Linings Playbook.

Catholic school dances were the highlight of our middle school Friday nights.

Outside of Philadelphia: the description anyone from Delco gives to someone who asks where they're from.

In conclusion, Delco is amazing. I love you, Delco.

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