1. Writing out your thoughts can be strangely therapeutic.

Do you ever feel like you have nobody to talk to? That's where journaling comes in handy. After a bad day or difficult situation can be so stress-relieving to put your feelings down on paper. Sometimes, you don't even realize how you're truly feeling until you tell someone or write it down. On days when I'm feeling depressed but can't pinpoint exactly why, I like to free write in my journal for as long as I can, writing down any and all thoughts that cross my mind. Usually, I unknowingly end up writing about the thing that's really bothering me.

2. You'll always have something interesting to write.

Journals aren't meant to only contain your absolute highest highs and lowest lows. If nothing interesting happened to you that day or you feel like you have nothing at all to write about, you should still write! You don't necessarily have to write about personal experiences and emotions every single day. If you're not sure what to write about, try free writing by letting every that crosses your mind exit onto the paper. Chances are, that'll help you become inspired to write. If that's not working, you can always search the internet for thought-provoking journal prompts!

3. One day, you'll appreciate being able to look back on what you wrote.

It may not seem like every small detail of your life is interesting, but in the future, your journal will be extremely meaningful to you. You'll be able to track your growth over weeks, months, and even years. When you're much older, you'll be so thankful to have a tangible representation of how much you've grown and changed throughout your life.

4. Journaling is a healthy, calming way to decompress at the end of each day.

What do you usually do right before going to sleep? Most of us doze off to Netflix or scroll through Instagram before going to bed. Not only are these habits unproductive, but they can also be harmful to your sleep. The blue light that is emitted from TV, laptop, and cell phone screens can interfere with secretion of melatonin, a hormone which regulates wakefulness, which could keep you from being able to fall asleep. That's why reading or journaling before bed is a much better idea than staring at a screen. Plus, writing about what you're thinking and feeling is a great way to end your night feeling relaxed.

5. If you get creative, journaling can be tons of fun!

There are all sorts of ways to get creative with journaling. If you like to draw, add drawings into your journal entries! If you're the organized type, try bullet journaling! Personally, I just love to use lots of different, brightly-colored pens when I journal. Find whatever method works best for you and run with it!