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4 Reasons Bullet Journaling Is The Number One Organizational Tool You Need

Keeping a bullet journal can help you keep your dates, reach your goals, and get to know yourself better!

4 Reasons Bullet Journaling Is The Number One Organizational Tool You Need

Almost everyone who knows me has seen me with my black leather-bound notebook that I call a planner. A little over a year ago, I tentatively started my first bullet journal, and now I will never go back to using any other kind of planner. Don't know what a bullet journal is? Check this website out for more information. TL;DR: A bullet journal is typically (but doesn't have to be) a blank dotted notebook that you use to ink out your own monthly, weekly, and daily agenda spreads.

To get inspired, see some of the reasons I love bullet journaling below.

1. Bullet journals combine my love of art with my love for organization.

Zoe Smith

I pride myself on my organizational skills. I have always carried a planner with color coded events and assignments. I love to make excel spreads or mental maps to plan out my projects. I like to keep everything in my life tidy, from my pencil pouch to the trunk of my car.

I also love to create and practice with art supplies. I've always loved to make my own journals and doodle in my notes. So the bullet journal is a great way for me to combine two of my favorite things into one extremely useful life tool. I love decorating the monthly cover pages and collection pages in my bujo.

2. A bullet journal is customizable for your specific needs and preferred style of mental mapping.

Zoe Smith

Unlike pre-printed planners or agendas, you can design the layout and spreads of your bullet journal. This makes the bullet journal a versatile tool for anyone during any phase of their life. As a college student, being able to have a weekly schedule spread for the school semesters helps me visualize what my weekly responsibilities are and when I typically have availability.

The bullet journal is also a dynamic agenda. If you get tired of a weekly spread, you can try out a daily spread. If you don't like a horizontal layout for your days, you can switch it out for a vertical one. Depending on when you plan and map out your journal, you can try out a different style every month, week, or day! If you are the kind of person who gets bored with your planner after the first few months, the bullet journal is the perfect solution for you because you can always freshen it up.

3. A bullet journal allows you to track or record what is important to you!

Zoe Smith

A bullet journal allows you to take big goals, resolutions, or tasks and break them down into smaller, more achievable steps. At the beginning of my bullet journal, I keep a list of my goals for the year. Each month I list out smaller monthly goals, and every week has it's own little "to do list" section to help me reach my goals and handle the minutia of my day-to-day life.

The bullet journal also gives you a great opportunity to track different aspects of your life. From sleep trackers, mood trackers, budgeting/spending spreads; if there is something you want to track your progress on or just come to know yourself better, the bullet journal has your back.

4. There is no wrong way to keep a bullet journal.

Zoe Smith

What I love about the bullet journal is the community around it. Lots of people share the creative ways in which they track their goals and habits or plan their days. I've seen all different kinds of styles, designs, and layouts within the bullet journal community.

The best part about it is that everyone's bujo is different! I've seen the colorful, the minimalistic, the fandom-inspired, the decoupaged, the floral-patterned, and everything in between. You do not have to be an artist to keep a bullet journal. You also don't need the most expensive journal or office supplies to keep a bullet journal. You can keep it as simple as you want. As long as you have a pen, a ruler, and a notebook, you have everything you need to re-organize your life!

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