I have heard the excuse "water has not flavor" way to many times...I am going to tell you that there ways to make your water have flavor! Add some lemon, oranges, lime or even strawberries to it, that will give you a little extra flavor to help you get you water intake for the day!

1. It boosts your immune system. 

I know for a fact that, this is true because I never use to drink enough water and I was always getting sick, but now I barley get sick because all I drink is water!

2. It helps with clear skin.

And you and I both know you want clear skin!

3. It helps you sleep better.

I mean come on who doesn't like sleeping like a baby?!

4. It prevents kidney stones.

I use to get kidney stones at least twice a month for like 2 years straight, but ever since I gave up drinking soda and juice and strictly just drinking water, I have not had any in three months!

5. It helps with weight loss.

As a person who has always struggled with weight loss, I can honestly sit here right now and tell you that it does help you!

It's time to stop making excuses as to why you don't drink water! These five things I think are proof enough as to why you should drink more!