6 Reasons To Be Excited For Winter Break

6 Reasons To Be Excited For Winter Break

As if you need any more reasons...

We’re in the homestretch! We’ve been at school for 4 months. All of our hard work is paying off. With only a few days left before finals week begins, I can already feel myself excitedly anticipating the relief that is winter break and everything it has to offer.

1. Sleeping In

After getting maybe 5 hours of sleep every night for the passed 4 months, I know I will sleep a solid 12 hours the first night of break and hopefully continue that for the rest of the month

2. Seeing your family and friends


3. Home-cooked meals

College is basically eating the same five meals in rotation every week. Being at home means diverse, nutritious, and genuinely good food (thanks Mom). Not to mention I miss homemade pasta with all my heart.

4. Getting a job

I worked the school year and summer before I came to college, knowing that I needed to start saving. I don’t know about everyone else, but since getting to school I have spent way too much money on food and clothes. Winter break means I get to finally replenish my bank account.

5. Privacy

Oh privacy, how I miss you. After being in a triple all semester and basically being surrounded by people 24/7, I’m ready to have my own room again.


In high school, winter break meant that you still had work to do and classes to prepare for. In college, winter break is truly a break.

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#whyGustavus, You Ask?

Beat 'em, bust 'em, that's our custom!

#whyGustavus, you ask? A lot of people question what drew you to the college, university, job, or activities you are involved in whenever you see someone you haven’t seen or meet someone new, and you’re left to give them a spiel about which decisions pushed you to the place in life that you are at currently. As you can probably infer, I get asked this about Gustavus (affectionately known as GAC). And no, not only do I get asked about the college itself, but I also face inquiry regarding why I want to major in what I do, why I participate in the events and activities I do, and, perhaps the most amusing and most prominent question: what is a liberal arts school?

Let’s focus this week upon why I chose to enroll at GAC. For this I have a plethora of reasons, and many of them are entirely unrelated to each other. The first thing that drew me to GAC was the music department. I remember my sophomore year of high school, we participated in a string festival and Dr.Lin (the primary conductor of the symphony orchestra I currently am a member of) was the clinician present. We were performing Debussy’s Clair De Lune, and I was one of only three violinists present playing the top divisi of the 1st violin part (the really high part for those who don’t speak orchestral music) and I can recall her calling me out personally for my emotional and technical abilities, as well as my entire ensemble for our energy, a pretty awesome thing to hear from a college professor as a sophomore in high school.

Following that episode, my conductor in high school reached out to her and fall of my junior year of high school, she wound up being a guest clinician in my orchestra for a few days and we were given the opportunity to share a concert with GSO (GAC symphony orchestra). Immediately I began to research the school and community, then finding out about the opportunities, campus, mission, and programs associated with the school.

I spoke with my second cousin, a Gustie alum, and got in touch with several others who attended or graduated from the college. Instantly, I loved it and it felt like home. I chose GAC because I love the community here, class sizes are small and you develop very personal and close relationships with your peers, professors, and campus staff. I chose it because of the networking, there are literally Gusties everywhere, I ran into a few in Puerto Rico and am aware of countless stories of people traveling and meeting fellow Gusties. I chose it because it provides an outlet to further explore my passion for Violin/orchestra, as well as for art and writing. I chose it because I wanted to find an environment that would serve as my home away from home, and the beautiful (seriously, it’s stunning) campus and multitude of housing options provide that. I chose it because I believe in/have an innate curiosity for the liberal arts and needed an academic program that could foster that. I chose it because I believe in the mission of the college and I wanted to get involved. I chose it for the education/communications/english departments that make up my major and produce outstanding graduates. I chose Gustavus Adolphus College because of the simple appeal of the phrase “Make your life count” and I wanted to know if that was possible/how to do that.

I am now so proud to be a Golden Gustie and cannot wait to (hopefully) finish this year strong and experience even more incredible opportunities in my next three years!

Cover Image Credit: Gustavus Adolphus College

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17 Times College Students Looked At An Imaginary Camera Like They Were On 'The Office'

"Well, well, well. How the turntables."

College is full of moments where we aren't exactly sure if something is real or if we're being pranked on a reality show. We often find ourselves staring off into the distance trying to process what is happening in front of us, and we pretty closely resemble one of our favorite television characters: Jim Halpert from "The Office."

Yep, that's the look. I can't be the only one who relates to this feeling, right? Here are 17 times this happens to college students.

1. Professors giving zero insight for the upcoming exam

Why, when you have half a semester of lectures under your belt, would you not give your students the topics on which they will need to write essays over while having no resources?

2. Dining halls having little to no variety

Pizza every single day? Check. Four kinds of "chicken"? Check. Few options for vegetarians? Triple check.

3. Group projects

On a project due tomorrow: "What's our topic going to be?"

Well, maybe you should have checked the GroupMe three weeks ago when we decided because the project's almost done at this point.

4. Professors already jumping into lectures on the first day of syllabus week

Alternatively, let's go back to the syllabus and get out an hour early.

5. A fight breaking out in your dorm

Could this just not happen?

6. Filling out your planner for the week

It's never a good feeling to have to look at your own personal source of self-destruction.

7. When one of your friends throws a savage roast

We're only interested in absolutely fire roasts here, and let's be real—the best ones are aimed at our best friends.

8. Losing in sporting events at the last second

This is particularly accurate when you've been winning the entire game, and they manage to screw it up at the very end.

9. Being the only group of sober students in sight

Drinking culture is dangerous and should be avoided.

10. Not knowing what's going on during a lecture

Did we skip a few slides?

11. When the TA says "I forgot to mention that we have an exam tonight."

I'm sorry, what?

12. Mistakingly putting someone else in charge

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

13. The weather deciding to be the opposite of what you planned for

An 80-degree morning and snowy evening? Welcome to the Midwest.

14. Hearing a mention of fall scheduling

Let's survive this semester first.

15. The dining hall only has decaf coffee

Yes, hello. I'm going to need a bulk shipment, pronto.

16. Realizing you didn't do as well on an assignment as you think you did

It's especially hard for classes that aren't math-based because there's no way to check your progress as you go.

17. When your friend wants to do something particularly stupid

While bad decisions are a group affair, that doesn't mean you should let them do the thing.

Even if our lives aren't being turned into a documentary, sometimes college still feels like a TV show. It's kind of like "Friends" in that we eat, live, cry, Netflix-binge and figure out life together. One thing is for sure though — we definitely act like we have that imaginary little camera hanging out with us.

Cover Image Credit: NBC Universal

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