We’re in the homestretch! We’ve been at school for 4 months. All of our hard work is paying off. With only a few days left before finals week begins, I can already feel myself excitedly anticipating the relief that is winter break and everything it has to offer.

1. Sleeping In

After getting maybe 5 hours of sleep every night for the passed 4 months, I know I will sleep a solid 12 hours the first night of break and hopefully continue that for the rest of the month

2. Seeing your family and friends


3. Home-cooked meals

College is basically eating the same five meals in rotation every week. Being at home means diverse, nutritious, and genuinely good food (thanks Mom). Not to mention I miss homemade pasta with all my heart.

4. Getting a job

I worked the school year and summer before I came to college, knowing that I needed to start saving. I don’t know about everyone else, but since getting to school I have spent way too much money on food and clothes. Winter break means I get to finally replenish my bank account.

5. Privacy

Oh privacy, how I miss you. After being in a triple all semester and basically being surrounded by people 24/7, I’m ready to have my own room again.


In high school, winter break meant that you still had work to do and classes to prepare for. In college, winter break is truly a break.