I've gone to the beach a couple of times now this summer, and I'll be heading back in the next week or so, but going to the beach so much has got me thinking a little bit. Sometimes, the beach isn't as great as all the movies make it out to be.

Now, don't get me wrong, I personally love the beach, most of the time anyway. However, depending on the day, I think to myself, "Why did I go?"

Here are nine reasons why sometimes the beach isn't the best summer hotspot.

1. Parking

Parking at the beach sucks. You've got two options:

1.) You can use a parking meter, which only takes quarters, and park on the street. This is a pain because you can get a bad meter that just eats your quarters, and forces you to try finding someplace that can make change for you which, BTW, nowhere is going to give you quarters.

They either already ran out, or they lie and just say they ran out because they automatically know exactly why you're asking. I went to like three or four places begging for quarters last week, before just giving up, and using parking option number two.

2.) The other parking option is getting a parking pass in a lot. These fill up quickly because they're convenient and people have the tendency to be lazy. Owners of the lots know this, and they milk it for all it's worth, meaning if you want to park there, you better be willing to spend a little because it's ridiculously expensive.

2. Beach Tags

Beach tags range in prices, but the one I happened to be at was ten bucks for the day. Kind of a rip if you ask me, but whatever.

3. Sand in the worst places

There's nothing worse than having sand stuck to you in weird places, or getting sand in your mouth and not realizing it until you close your jaw onto something crunchy. I came home last week after spending the day at the beach, and I was covered from head to toe in sand. Even after showering, I found leftover sand in my ears.

4. Wind

A little breeze while you're on the beach is a nice distraction from the heat, but when it's so windy that your beach towel can't stay flat on the ground? Just no.

All it takes is a five or ten-minute walk along the water's edge, and by the time you get back, your beach towel is folded in a weird messy pile and is covered in sand. Easy fix, though, right? Just line the corners of your blanket with your shoes, bag, or anything you brought that can keep it weighed down.

Nope, sometimes even that doesn't work.

5. Freezing water

I'll be at the beach and I'll watch people surfing or people who just randomly jump in the ocean to cool off. I think to myself, "How?" The water is like fifty degrees! I'm one of those people who hates the cold, and no matter how hot it is outside, if that water is cold, I'm not going near it. I'll sweat in silence.

6. No escape from the sun

Speaking of sweating, going to the beach on a really hot day can be kind of rough. Unless you're one of those people with an umbrella, or like one of those weird beach tents, you better bring plenty of water because, other than the freezing ocean, there is no escaping the hot rays of the sun.

For people tanning, you are literally baking yourself in the equivalent of a giant oven. Stay hydrated; that can turn into a nasty case of heat stroke.

7. Sunburn

Another product of no escape from the sun.

Ah, sunburn...

Some people (the crazy ones) prefer to go to the beach for the sole purpose of getting burnt because it turns into tan or whatever. You're telling me you prefer to be uncomfortable and walk around looking like a lobster for a week and a half while it heals? I'm good, I'll stick to my SPF 50, thanks.

Don't y'all realize that the "tan" you got is going to just peel away? Tanning that way doesn't last forever, just an FYI.

8. Seagulls

You may disagree with me, but seagulls freak me out. Depending on which beach you're at, they are not friendly. I've gone to the beach and have been bullied by seagulls for my food. I've heard horror stories from my friends about seagulls trying to steal their food, and I have been witness to someone I'm with getting crapped on by the rats with wings several times.

The day that happens to me is the day I quit going to the beach.

9. Other people

I hate crowded beaches.

I could be lying on my towel, soaking in the sun, when someone walks by my towel and kicks up a load of sand onto my face. Or those people who lay their blankets right next to mine, and shake the sand off their towel and onto me. Talk about rude.

People who play music using a stereo on the beach bother me, too. I can appreciate you wanting to listen to music with your friends or whoever you're with, but what I don't appreciate is when you blast it and force everyone else around you to listen to your crappy taste in music. This is why earbuds and headphones were invented. Use them.

People who play beach games are annoying sometimes, too. Like I'm cool with you playing frisbee with your buddies, but play where other people aren't in the vicinity. It's so annoying trying to relax and getting smacked with flying plastic. I don't know what else to tell you.

Now the beach isn't all bad, all the time. I guess sometimes a day at the beach can start with the best of intentions and just not go according to plan. If you're one of those people who isn't really fazed with the list above, good for you. Keep doing what you're doing.

However, if you thought to yourself, "I hate when that happens," or maybe felt triggered just reading, then go find a new summer hangout spot. Like everything in life, the beach isn't meant for everyone.