10 Reasons Why Sweaters Are The Best Article Of Clothing Ever
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10 Reasons Why Sweaters Are The Best Article Of Clothing Ever

If this article doesn't make you want curl up in one by the fire right this instant, you aren't human.

10 Reasons Why Sweaters Are The Best Article Of Clothing Ever
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This most recent cold front has officially catapulted us into the beautiful, magical time of year otherwise known as sweater weather. With visions of cashmere and fleece dancing in everyone's heads, let's take a moment to go over the things that make sweaters so dang amazing.

1. Comfort.

This is common knowledge for even the most novice of sweater lovers. Wearing a sweater is like getting a soft, woolen hug. And who wouldn't want that?

2. They can be worn all year.

It's common to see sweaters worn in some form or fashion no matter the season. Winter? Throw on a coat and some fur boots. Summer? Layer a lightweight one over a dress, romper, shorts, or anything pastel or floral. Literally any outfit, anytime is better with a sweater added. With that in mind though...

3. Sweaters are also seasonal.

Think autumn leaves. Shorter days. Pumpkins involved whenever possible. FALL, the sweet sound of every latte- drinking and boot-wearing gal (or guy), brings instant visions of pure bliss. Sweaters and fall go together like PB & J! As every aspect of life is just a little bit better in fall, so are sweaters.

4. They are unisex.

Sweaters have a certain practicality that literally anyone can wear them and look TOTALLY AWESOME. It's probably scientifically proven that a person wearing a sweater is automatically more attractive. Also the thing I love most about guys sweaters is how they are always 500% comfier than girls sweaters.

5. Christmas. Sweaters.

Because the only thing better than sweaters is sweaters that are Christmas themed. I don't need to say more.

6. Cardigans.

Essentially, cardigans are sweaters, but I like to put them in a special box because of the special place they have in my heart. Cardigans maximize the versatility sweaters already possess, and I never leave home without them (much to my friends' amusement). They are perfect for days that are too warm for an all out wool turtleneck but too chilly for just a t-shirt. I could go on and on about cardigans so I'll stop now.

7. Aesthetic.

As we have already confirmed, sweaters obviously make everything better. Sweaters are just more pleasing to the eye. I know if I am strolling through the mall trying to buy things I don't need and I see a mannequin or poster featuring a sweater, I am running straight for that store to buy five of them. There's just something about seeing sweaters that calms and comforts the mind, similar to a lavender candle or that first bite of a Chick-fil-a sandwich.

8. Sweatshirts.

The close cousin of sweaters, sweatshirts are yet another beautiful gift to mankind. A t-shirt and sweater combined, sweatshirts are the perfect combination of warm, stylish and COMFY. And you can get ones that say everything from a witty pun to a team you rep (like Texas A&M for example, can I get a WH**P!)

9. Warmth.

A more obvious and probably the most useful aspect of sweaters is their warmth. You can find sweaters for every level of warmth, from a lightweight cardigan for a warm breeze to a toasty turtleneck for those blistering winter days.

10. No two are the same.

There is an infinite number of sweaters in this world, which is both a blessing because there are so many to choose from and a curse because I want every. single. one. Now that you understand the true power and pure awesomeness of sweaters, Feel free to buy one in every material, shape and color. Or five.

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