11 Reasons We Shouldn't Skip Right To Christmas

As I write this, it is Nov. 1.

Halloween is over, winter is coming, and I've already seen about 50 Christmas tweets today.

Lest you believe that this is some kind of joyous musing, let me assure you, it is not. Because I don't really like Christmas.

Okay, contain your gasps of horror. Every time I say this, people look at me like I'm a Satan incarnate. I don't hate baby Jesus or anything, but I really hate a majority of the holiday season, and there are a lot of reasons for it that don't involve me being a totally depraved, awful human. (Maybe just a slightly bitter one.) I do, however, have the sense to chill out on the Christmas hating after Thanksgiving.

Stop. Read that again.

That's right: after Thanksgiving.

Why are you skipping my favorite holiday?! What makes you think you can just go right to the peppermint and the tinsel and the fake cheer? Thanksgiving is important for a myriad of reasons, and I've compiled a list to prove my point: 11 reasons you should be excited for Thanksgiving this month.

1. Thanksgiving (usually) isn't as ungodly cold as Christmas.

Still being able to see leaves is good enough for this hedgehog and it should be good enough for you too.

2. You don't have to buy gifts for anyone.

Thanksgiving is our last night of peace before Christmas shopping mayhem commences.

3. Mashed potatoes.

Stuffing is good. Mashed potatoes are better.

4. Seriously, mashed potatoes.

They're just really important to me, okay?!

5. Also: pumpkin pie.

Also very important. (Also I'm really hungry right now.)

6. Friendsgiving..

Home too far? Just not up for seeing the fam before Christmas? Friendsgiving is the answer to all your woes: good food, good people.

7. Football.

Forget baseball; football is the great American pastime, and Thanksgiving's all about it.

8. There's no shame in eating literally everything.

Go ahead. Get you that fifth helping of mashed potatoes. This is a safe place.

9. Minimal religious arguments.

Look, I've heard some really weird religious arguments at Christmas. None at Thanksgiving. I rest my case.


No matter how many helpings you have, there's always more to feast on for the next week.

11. It really is a great time to reflect on everything we're thankful for.

I know there isn't really Thanksgiving music to jam out to, but seriously -- don't gloss over a great holiday just to get to Christmas.

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