What To Do In Austin Over Spring Break
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What To Do In Austin Over Spring Break

From swimming holes to SXSW, I got you covered.

What To Do In Austin Over Spring Break
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With spring break quickly approaching in the next couple of weeks for high school and college students, most will be heading home to spend time with family and friends, while others will be going to explore new places such as the beach or someplace new to go. Austin has been ranked in numerous lists of best cities to visit and move to in the U.S, but having been born in raised in Austin, I can tell you everything there is to do.


Of course, this is the biggest attraction in Austin over spring break, it is a music and interactive film festival running from the 11th-20th. There are a lot of movies that premiere there and also up and coming music talent anywhere from indie to rap. There are a lot famous people walking around in Austin (other than Matthew McConaughey) promoting new movies, spur of the moment shows and just hanging out.

Barton Springs

Right in the center of downtown Austin, Barton Springs stays a chilly 68 degrees year round, but if swimming isn't your thing, sunbathing in the lawn overlooking the downtown skyline is a good compromise.

Zilker Park

Across the street from Barton Springs is Zilker park, probably considered one of Austin's most famous landmarks. Home to rocks to climb, shady trees, volleyball courts and multiple pickup games of frisbee and soccer, there is something there for everyone to do.

Paddleboarding on Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake is one of the best places to look over the Austin skyline. There is paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing, and if you get hot, you can jump in the water to cool off.

Taking Your Picture in Front of Austin Landmarks

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Any Austinite will tell you it is a must do to check out the local art like Castle Hill and any of the graffiti around town,

Enchanted Rock

Located about 45 minutes away in Fredericksburg, Texas, Enchanted Rock is a great place to go and enjoy the outdoors by hiking, bird watching, climbing, swimming, and stargazing at night.

Natural Bridge Caverns

Located north of San Antonio, this 3/4 mile, 75-minute tour will amaze you with the 60-foot long limestone bridge and many other formations.

Hamilton Pool

A natural cave in the side of a cliff formed from a waterfall and pouring into the pool, Hamilton pool is a great place to cool off. The wait can be long sometimes and swimming is only allowed at certain points in the day, but if you can get in, it is worth it.

South Congress Food Trailer Parks

Austin is famous for the food trailer parks, but South Congress has a wide array of them from Torchy's Taco's queso straight out of heaven and Gourdough's sweet tooth doughnuts will send you into a food coma, but is well worth it.

Mt. Bonnell

Overlooking Lake Austin and build into the hill country, Mt. Bonnell located 775 ft above sea level and not too much of a hike is the perfect place to go for sunrise or sunset.

Barton Creek Greenbelt

Starting at Zilker park and running 7.79 miles south, the Barton Creek greenbelt is one of the most beautiful places in Austin to take a hike, run or swim if there has been enough rain in the spring.

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