Registration for OttoTHON (Syracuse University's Dance Marathon) just recently opened, so here are the top ten reasons you should sign up now!

1. It's 12 hours of nonstop fun

You're dancing, you're playing games, and you're with your friends for twelve straight hours. The best part is whether you're a great dancer or a horrible dad dancer, it's fun.

2. You get free food

By raising money and coming to OttoTHON, you get fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At the 2018 event, there was Chick-fil-a. It's free food and it's good food.

3. If you sign up now, there's so much time to fundraise

You're required to raise a minimum of $100, but it's not hard. The earlier you sign up, the more time you have to ask your grandparents, neighbors, friends, and anyone else you may know to donate even $1 because every dollar adds up to make a big difference.

4. It's great exercise

You're dancing for literally 12 hours. You're basically getting a week and a half worth of exercise in one day, so you can justify not going to the gym for the next week and a half.

5. You get to wear the craziest outfits 

There are few other situations where you get to cover your face in rhinestones, put on a tutu with your craziest leggings, and have it be not only socially acceptable but encouraged.

6. You get to mess with your friends

If you venmo OttoTHON during a certain time during the event, you can "lock them in jail". They then have to stand in a jail cell until they can raise double what you spent to lock them in. It raises money and you get to watch them struggle.

7. You get to meet the Miracle Kids

Several kids from Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital are at the event and you get to meet the kids you're helping. They're easily identifiable because they're usually the ones dancing the hardest and having the most fun.

8. You get free stuff

You get a free tee-shirt for signing up and raising the minimum $100, and you get free bead necklaces, stickers, and other fun stuff to wear during the event. Plus, the free food and the free Red Bulls. As college students, we all greatly appreciate free stuff.

9. You can work as a team

So many Greek organizations and organizations on campus like Danceworks and Orange Seeds get to make teams and work together to raise money. It's fun to work together.

10. It's all FTK (for the kids)

Everything you do at OttoTHON and all of the fundraisings you do leading up to it has a direct, positive impact on the kids at Upstate Golisano who are fighting their battles right down the road. It's always a good thing to do a good thing.