15 Reasons Why It's Super Obvious To Everyone That You Graduated With An English Degree
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15 Reasons Why It's Super Obvious To Everyone That You Graduated With An English Degree

A love for reading and writing is not the only thing that sets English majors apart.

15 Reasons Why It's Super Obvious To Everyone That You Graduated With An English Degree

Any person who has graduated with an English degree will tell you they have to deal with quite a lot of questions and snarky comments if their choice in academic study ever comes up in conversation.

I've had to deal with plenty of statements that sound similar to "all you can do with an English degree is teach" and "that doesn't seem like a very practical major since books are dying out."

It's safe to say that English majors are sick and tired of being berated by society for choosing to pursue their passion.

However, whether they would like to acknowledge it or not, those with English degrees are definitely guilty of certain behaviors that set them apart from others and make them seem a tad pretentious.

This might even foster the same level of animosity as English nerds feel towards their disapproving peers.

1. You're constantly correcting everyone's grammar, even your significant other's.

If you have an English degree, you don't think it's too outrageous to consider one's grammar skills when deliberating your intimate relationships. After all, good grammar is a sign of an avid reader.

2. You wonder aloud why people still read overrated authors like James Patterson.

Any time you pass the bestseller section of a bookstore, you can't help but roll your eyes at all the mediocre genre fiction with obnoxious covers, most likely written by ghostwriters.

You let out a sigh of exasperation because authors like James Patterson, Danielle Steel and Debbie Macomber manage to push out four or more books per year and always seem to sell despite recycling the same stories over and over.

If only the general public shared your woes.

3. You're always eager to show off your book collection to whoever happens to walk into your home.

Whether it's your mom, your landlord or the guy who came to fix your refrigerator, you can't help but stand close to your bookshelf and wait for someone to make a comment on your new "Harry Potter" limited edition box set.

And what about your U.K. edition of "Mrs. Dalloway"?! Surely that's impressive, right?

4. You follow classic authors' parody accounts on Twitter.

Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf. You could never meet these renowned authors, so why not follow their fake social media accounts and giggle over stuff they would probably tweet?

5. You cherish Goodreads above all other social media platforms and update it daily.

Facebook who?

Your main way of internet socializing is liking status updates on Goodreads and keeping your TBR and Read shelves up-to-date because everyone needs to know you've read "1984" three times and plan on a fourth.

6. Any time you do math incorrectly, you say, "Well, I was an English major."

True, English majors never miss an opportunity to use your studies in English as an excuse for your horrible math skills.

You were far too busy analyzing the works of James Joyce in high school to pay attention during the review of percentages, so you find it fitting to assign the task of calculating the tip to someone a little more math-savvy.

7. You appreciate any and all literary puns.

What self-proclaimed English-lover wouldn't get a hoot out of literary puns, like the one pictured above?

Those who don't find humor in literary jokes leave me Thoreau-ly unimpressed...OK, I'll see myself out.

8. You share inside jokes with fellow English majors, usually involving book scenes or characters.

When you have an English degree, it's perfectly normal for others to hear you gushing over a slightly problematic fictional boyfriend or chortling about how similar your boss is to a sinister book villain.

When I was in high school, my circle of friends shared an inside joke about the character Tituba from "The Crucible." Yeah, we were super nerds.

9. You've had a crush on at least one English teacher, and still talk about him or her years after graduating.

Why is it that so many English teachers are incredibly attractive? Is it their impressive vocabulary, their knowledge of romantic poetry or their likeness to "Pretty Little Liar's" Ezra Fitz?

Whatever it may be, nearly every English major has had serious puppy love for one of our professors or high school English teachers.

10. You have a deep disdain for SparkNotes.

English majors can't help but groan in disgust whenever SparkNotes comes up in conversation.

Although it's a valuable resource for analyzing literature, everyone you knew in high school and college ended up using the site as a way to avoid reading the actual assigned texts. Sites like SparkNotes are the reason why your fellow peers never read some of your favorite books.

11. You try to include "so, I'm reading this book..." in most conversations.

As an avid reader, you can't help but gush over whatever book you're currently reading.

I think there's an old adage that goes something like "If an English major doesn't talk about the book they're reading, are they reading one at all?" I totally just made that up, but we all know it's true.

12. You are obsessed with retaking the Pottermore quiz just to make sure you're actually a Ravenclaw.

"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure" is the Ravenclaw motto, so it's no wonder English majors vie to be part of this Hogwarts house. Ravenclaws are known for being witty, studious and valuing intelligence above all else.

It's no secret that most English majors are true bookworms at heart and appreciate the importance of academics. It makes sense that you would want to represent Ravenclaw.

13. You can't help but point out how useful your degree is so you can feel better about yourself.

Since English grads seem to be constantly bombarded with questions about our potential careers (or assumed lack thereof), a defense must always be at the ready.

You can think of at least half a dozen careers that require skills acquired from English courses and are always ready to boldly stand behind your decision to pursue studies in your passions.

14. You're always talking about your future career as a novelist.

No matter what job you've found yourself in (even if you really enjoy it), you can't help but picture how wonderful your life will be once you eventually publish your first novel.

Whenever anyone asks you how your future bestseller is coming along, you awkwardly change the subject because you don't want to admit you haven't actually written much yet. But your ideas are going to be a hit for sure! One day!

15. You always want to try out the newest coffee shop.

Nothing screams "I have an English degree" more than sitting idly in a coffee shop's window with a beat up, yellowing copy of "Finnegan's Wake" while sipping on a cinnamon triple-shot almond milk latte.

Coffee shops give you a place to bask in your full English major glory, to show off your impeccable taste in classic literature and overpriced java drinks.

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