10 Reasons I'm Excited For Halloween
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10 Reasons I'm Excited For Halloween

We are T-minus 1 day away from the start of the best Month of the year. Are you ready?

10 Reasons I'm Excited For Halloween

Y'ALL the time is almost here and I need to express my excitement for this glorious and dare I say, best month of the year! Between the yummy candy and the amazing smells of fall, getting ready for Halloween is my favorite part of the holiday. Being weird is an iconic part of Halloween and I for one am ready to immerse myself in the fall activities!

Here is my list of 10 reasons why I am excited for Halloween!

10. FreeForm's 31 Days of Halloween

LISTEN I absolutely dislike scary movies but the countdown to the 31st is so exciting and something I love to do with my family. Although FreeForm doesn't truly show scary movies, some of those films I once thought as freaky are played during this spooky month. But I'll still watch them of course! Who do you take me for? Hocus Pocus, Addam's Family, Nightmare Before Christmas, and so many more are played throughout the month and I cannot wait!!

9. Candy

If you asked me about, I don't know, 10 years ago what my favorite part of Halloween was, I know I would have 100 percent said candy. However, being mostly an adult, I know there are far better parts to this amazing holiday. The candy can be good, but too much of it can make me sick for days. So, sorry candy, you are not my number one anymore.

8. Halloween Stores

When the abandoned supermarket, mall store, or random storefront put their Halloween Store banner up, that is when it is time for the holiday. Inside you find a treasure trove of fake guts and tacky costumes, or severed heads and fake bullet wounds. I love going into my local popup Halloween store and exploring the wonderment that lays before me. This is a little higher on my list but still, Halloween stores hold a special place in my heart.

7. Spooky Baskets

I love spooky baskets! Being gifted this special and thoughtful basket just makes me want to hug that person forever. A spooky basket is an important part of Halloween in my humble opinion and you should definitely get your friends or loved ones a basket. Now, what makes the basket so spooky you ask? Well, think of it as like a care package for someone you like a lot. Fill it with their favorite things, candy, face masks, chips, and etc. Put a cute little I love you card, and make it spooky! There you go! Gift them spooky baskets.

6. Movies

I know I have mentioned movies before but this deserved its own number because I love Halloween moives. Especially little kids movies because they can get scary but you know the good side always wins so no nightmares! The cheesy, bad graphics are my favorite to watch because I love making fun of it while also enjoying the story. I did watch the It movies so I can do some horror, but I have to work my nerve up. I am proud to say that I can watch Scream, without screaming.

5. Costume Parties

What bad things can I say about costume parties? Oh right, nothing! They are amazing and should be treasured. I love costume parties because everyone wears a costume; it's weird if you don't show up in a costume. Also, these parties should definitely have spooky themed food so the snack table is always overflowing with goodies! It is also a good time when there are games to go along with the party, people really get into it. Side note, I am confident that I would win the costume contest so, there's that.

4. The Smells

I live in Florida, so I'm not sure how the rest of the world views Fall, I only know it from media. But down here, we know the Day it is becoming Fall. It is a talked about thing, we collectively decide when it is time for Halloween. The crisp smell that carries in the wind and caresses your face is the best smell ever. Walking near or into Bath and Body Works is heaven, your sniffer is going to work. But my favorite is walking into a Starbucks at 7 am and smelling the fresh pumpkin coffee, even though I drink iced coffee, the smell of the PSL makes me so happy.

3. Halloween Horror Nights

We have established that I live in Florida, so this number may come as no surprise to you. I haven't been in recent years to the famous event, but it gets better and better as time goes on. It's weird, I dislike scary movies but I adore and enjoy haunted houses. They get my heart beating like nothing else and I love seeing the intricate details the show runners include in their displays, scare zones, and houses. Go if you have a chance!

2. Carving Pumpkins

Love, Love, LOVE!!! Carving pumpkins is one of the most amazing things to do during Halloween. I have so much fun getting together with my family and spending an hour or two completely destroying a big pumpkin. An added bonus to carving is that I get to bake the pumpkins seeds so I can eat them for later. I make a few different tasting batches and give them out during trick or treating! You can have some serious bonding time with someone carving a pumpkin!

Finally, number 1!

1. Pumpkin Patches

Did you expect this one? I am in love with pumpkin patches because the people who own them truly share the same emotion as me to the holiday. They set up corn mazes, hay rides, and one place even lets you explore their entire farm. You can take cute pics or enjoy the pumpkin patch with friends and family, whatever you do, enjoy the field of pumpkins before you. I recommend taking your time with picking your pumpkin, finding the right one can be hard, but rewarding.

I love Halloween!! I am so excited for this month and the excitement people have for the spooky season!

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