When I moved into my dorm I was so excited for what was to come. I had it in my mind all summer that once I got here I would start working out and eating right. I was so pumped that they had a real gym with tons of equipment so I could work out how I wanted to. I have done some of these things to an extent, but when I failed, I was beating myself up for it. After a while of struggling, I came to a conclusion.

I want this, but I do not need to lose weight. I am comfortable where I am now after realizing that the amount of gravity that pulls against me doesn't matter. There are more important things in my life that I have to focus on.

So here are the reasons why I have accepted that getting fit is hard.

1. I am so busy

From the hours of 9 to 5 I am full of classes and study tables. After that, I am still going to be a social butterfly but only after my homework is done. College has proven to take up 95% of my time. So if I want to workout, it really has to be scheduled.

2. Eating right is easy for a few days, not much longer after that.

Growing up, I always ate my vegetables and loved fruits. In the school cafeteria, this is easy. They always have a great salad bar and chicken is available so those are my go-to. However, when it is Friday night and they offer waffles, I just had to have some. Instead of beating myself up for not eating a salad, I started celebrating when I had a salad next. It's the small victories that matter, not the small losses.

3. There is an elevator.

I did take the stairs to the fifth floor for about a day and a half. However, that gets old really fast especially with a book bag that weighs 15+ pounds on you. If the stairs were the only option, of course, I would take the stairs. The elevator is much more convenient, but it's something that gets in the way of me getting in exercise.

4.I am loved regardless of my size.

Although I am living in a different city now, I have made new friends that don't let the way I appear get in the way of how they feel about our friendship.My old friends still talk to me like they did when we were 5. My family also loves me just the way I am. Knowing that these people are on my side makes it easier to ease into doing what I should to have a healthier life. I treasure those who are by my side. These people are a blessing.

Overall, I am getting there. I will eat healthy, workout, and take the stairs more often. However, it is my choice to do all of these things at my own pace. There's no pressure on me taking my time. Accepting my struggle has been the first step to moving on from it.