11 Reasons Why Fall Sucks

I have never understood everyone's obsession with fall. I understand that finally getting to wear flannels again and pumpkin spice everything may be great, but there are a lot of things that pertain to fall that in my opinion, do not make it the greatest season of them all.

1. The weather.

Can somebody please explain to me what's so great about waking up in 30-degree weather and going to class in a sweater, but then sweating your butt off as soon as you get out of class because it's now 70 degrees?

2. Also the wind.

Not only does it make the real feel way colder than the actual temperature, but strong enough gusts ensure that the hair your spent an hour curling will look like a hot mess by the time you get to where you are going.

3. Chapped lips.

Because no matter how much Chapstick you apply, your lips always seem to be cracked.

4. Ugly trees.

Once all of the pretty leaves fall off, all that is left is bare branches that all seem to be the same shade of gray.

5. Bagging leaves.

The leaves on the ground may be Instagram perfect, but at some point you have to rake them all together and bag them for multiple afternoons so that they do not kill your grass.

6. Nosebleeds.

Nothing says winter is around the corner like constant nosebleeds occurring as the temperature and amount of moisture in the air changes.

7. School starts.

The start of fall means the death of summer, which also means having to go back to school.

8. Pumpkin everything.

When everything tastes like pumpkins, by the time pumpkins actually come out you're already tired of them.

9. Shorter days.

The sun starts to go down a lot sooner, tricking you into thinking its later than it actually is and leaving you with less daylight to do things outdoor.

10. Halloween stress.

No matter how much time you spent thinking of what costume you are going to wear, after Halloween passes and you look back on the pictures you think to yourself "why didn't I think of something better".

11. Black Friday.

It's all fun and games until you have to work it.

So congratulations. Summer is dead and winter is around the corner. Better get to reorganizing your closet.

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