10 Simple Yet Obvious Reasons Fall Is Our Favorite Season, EVER

The first sign of the leaves changing means everybody heads to the stores and begins decorating for the fall. If you don't like pumpkins, then I don't like you. Sorry not sorry.

Fall is by far the best season and you can not argue with me on that. But in case you try to,

Here are 10 reasons why Fall is the best season:

1. Leaves Changing

2. Weather

Not too hot and not too cold.

3. Pumpkin everything

*Buys everything that has to do with pumpkins and clears out the store*

4. Your favorite holidays

Getting to be thankful for Halloween on Thanksgiving.

5. Comfort food

6. Friday night lights football games

7. The best type of movies

Halloweentown 1, 2, 3 and 4 (lets face it though, the first one was the best)

8. Fall activities

Pumpkin picking/carving, apple picking, corn mazes, haunted houses, campfires...'nuff said.

9. Fall clothing

The best time to wear a striped sweater.

10. New seasons of all important TV shows

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